Wednesday, May 9, 2007

PCC and

As of today on, Pensacola Christian College is the most reviewed school out of all colleges, universities and graduate schools in the United States.

Part of the reason is this letter, sent to alumni.

Dear Alumni,

There is a website named that appears to be objective in its review of colleges and universities. For the most part, responses by former PCC students are from those who never graduated and, consequently, the majority would not want to attend here again.

It would help your alma mater, as a four-year graduate, if you would visit this site and fill out their alumni survey. We believe a graduate would present a more accurate and positive picture of their experience at PCC. For a complete review, be sure to select "Goto Advanced Alumni" after the initial alumni survey.

Thank you for helping us.

The PCC Alumni Association

P.S. Check out our updated website at


An employee from had this to say.

From: Director, Beracah Yankama
To: [name removed]
Subject: PCC Review/StudentsReview
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2007 10:55 PM
Hello Everyone,
My name is Beracah, and I am the Director of StudentsReview. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful and thoughtful comments on PCC! We here at StudentsReview strive to maintain data integrity and know the biases that the data contains. It has come to our attention that PCC staff has sent out an email requesting Alumni to review PCC using our online survey. If at all possible, could someone forward the relevant content of the email to us for analysis? Also, does anyone know if this email was sent to ALL PCC alums, or just to select ones? We are observing a rate of positive opinions & comments dramatically (and statistically) inconsistent with the data accumulated over the past 7 years, and are seeking an explanation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you & Regards,

Beracah Yankama
Director, StudentsReview

Hello everyone,
Thank you for all of the helpful information you have provided! Some of
you have expressed concern that we are not aware of the sudden surge in
reviews, but we do monitor the data and trends very closely, so that we
may keep somewhat consistent and known biases across schools.

From a number of comments, it seems while the alumni email did
technically go out to the entire alumni list, that list may only contain
select students, or those students positively biased into joining the
alumni association list. Also, the wording of the email suggests that
our existing data is from students who never completed PCC, making it
seem misrepresentative in some way. This is not true. The existing
data came primarily from *current* students at PCC (not yet completed),
and alumni. A small few did not complete, but the majority were "in the
process of completing", which is decidedly different from "never
completed". This means that the email wording solicits an improper
"corrective" bias into the reviews. (i.e. "correct this
misrepresentative, false data").

As of this moment we are undecided how to proceed, so we are watching
the trends to determine what needs be done. As soon as we come to a
decision, please rest assured that we will let *everyone* know.

Thank you,

Beracah Yankama
Director, StudentsReview

Monday, May 7, 2007

Pensacola Christian College Staff Handbook

This is hosted on as a zipfile. It is a good idea to read this, even if you are just a potential student. This handbook gives you a good impression of "how things work" to an extent at PCC.

Friday, May 4, 2007

PCC Student Handbook, 2001-2002

Below is a copy of the 2001-2002 Handbook for Pensacola Christian College. It is in text format.

front cover]

[page 1]

[page 2]
A Greeting from Our President

Welcome to Pensacola Christian College. It is our
prayer that this year will be one of the happiest and
most spiritually enriching years of your life.

Life is a blend of privileges and responsibilities.
When you learn to balance these ingredients, you have
personal fulfillment and harmonious relationships with
others. This is a vital part of your education and
your overall spiritual growth. This Student Handbook
contains the regulations and procedures that govern
student life and a description of the many student
services provided for you at Pensacola Christian
College. I trust that you will willingly accept both
the privileges and the responsibilities.

If you have questions regarding any part of the
handbook, feel free to contact the Student Life
Office. We want to assist you in any way we can.

May God bless you as together we seek to serve Him.

Arlin Horton, LL.D.

[page 3]



Student Services
Dining Facilities................6
The Bookstore....................7
Student Organizations............7
Pan-Hellenic Mail System.........7
Post Office......................7
Recreation and Athletics.........8
Medical Needs....................9

Student Responsibility
College Standards................11
College Functions................11
Closing of the Semester..........11
Vehicle Responsibility...........11
Financial Responsibility.........12
Music Responsibility.............13
Personal Electronic devices......14

Residence Hall Life
Furnishings/Electrical Items.....15
Daily Activities.................17
All Students.....................17
Staff Apartments.................18
Residence Manager Offices........18
High School Residence Students...18
Laundry Rooms....................18
Ice Machines and Microwaves......18
Trash Chutes.....................18
Women Students...................18
Off-Campus Privileges............19
Residence Hall Bell Schedule.....20
Residence Hall Students
23 Years Old and Older......21

Spiritual Life
Personal Devotions...............22
College Chapel...................22
Church Services..................22
Christian Service................22
Scriptural Positions.............23

Student Development
Personal Standards...............24
Dress Code ......................26

Regulations and Policies
Demerit System...................29
General Regulations..............30

Academic Life
Grading System...................32
Transcript of Records............33
Exams and Papers.................34
Code of Computer Ethics..........34
College Buildings................34

Town Students
Beginning of Semester............36
Attendance Requirements..........36
Recreational Facilities..........37

College Hymn.....................39

Eagles' Fight Song...............40

Pensacola Christian College does not discriminate on
the basis of race, color, or national origin.

[page 4]
Our Administrators...
A team of Friendly, Caring Professionals

[Captions under pictures]

Dr. Beka Horton
Senior Vice President

Dr. Matt Beemer
Vice President for Academic Affairs/Asst. to the

Dr. Greg Mutsch
Vice President for Administration/Senior Pastor

Dr. Joel Mullenix
Vice President for Public Affairs

Dr. Joseph Rammel
Vice President for Institutional Relations

Dr. Dell Johnson
Dean, Pensacola Theological Seminary

Dr. Joel Porcher
Dean of Basic Sciences/Engineering
Asst. to VP for Academic Affairs

Mr. Bruce Hockema
Dean of Arts and Sciences/Asst. to VP for Academic

Mrs. Teresa Haughton
Dean of Nursing

Dr. Karl Stelzer
Dan of Division of Bible

Mr. Jim Hutchinson
Dean of Communicative Arts

Dr. William Crawford
Dean of History and Languages

Dr. Phyllis Rand
Dean of Education

Mr. John Cirone
Dean of Business

Miss Darlyn Bradford
Asst. to Dean of Communicative Arts

Dr. Shane Smith
Asst. to Dean of Basic Sciences/Engineering

Dr. Donna Smith
Asst. to Dean of Business

Mrs. Pennie Martin

Dr. Mark Smith
Associate Registrar

Mrs. Doris Hayward
Library Director

Mr. Reggie Sellers
Director of Promotion

[page 5]

Dean of Student Life
Dr. Paul Ohman

Associate Dean of Student Life
Miss Barbi Baer

Mr. John Hurst
Collegian Advisor

Deans' Assistants
Mr. Jeff Springs
Mr. Tim McLaughlin
Mr. Peter Harrington
Miss Dawn Wray
Miss Sarah Quinn
Miss Melissa Covey

Residence Managers
Mr. Joel McCraw
Mr. David Graves
Mr. Mark Linder
Young Tower
Miss Teresa Reeck
Bradley Tower
Miss Joy Tibbetts
Griffith Tower
Miss Lauren Potter
Dixon Tower

Dr. Jeff Adams

Dr. Don Smith

Mr. Jamie Coppola
Director of Ancillary Services

Mr. Kris Marion
Student Employment Director

Mr. John Prickett
Placement Officer/ Student Accounts Officer

Location Key: Academic Center--AC Adm. Bldg.--A
Adm. East Wing--AE MacKenzie--MK Library--L

[page 6]

As you become familiar with Pensacola Christian
College, you will discover that the College provides
many services for you. They are designed to make your
stay at PCC more profitable and enjoyable. These
services will only be as valuable as you make them.


The College desires for students to devote as much
time and attention as possible to their studies and
college activities. However, many students find it
necessary to be employed to meet their financial

1. Work Assistance Program is available to assist
students working their way through college, such as,
offices, bookstores, and other facets and affiliates
of PCC.
Students interested in the program should
complete a Work Assistance Application and send it to
the Admissions Office, AC-4. Preferences for specific
work areas may be indicated on the application;
however, assignments will be based on the overall
needs of the College.

2. Work Responsibilities--Those students who are
employed on campus will be expected to work the full
nine months of the school year. A work student should
never take a leave of absence from work
responsibilities without making prior arrangements
with his supervisor or employer well in advance of the
intended absence.
No student is exempted from his job
responsibilities during exam time. If his scheduled
exam time conflicts with his work time, he is to let
his work supervisor know well in advance and return to
his job the same day to make up any time lost because
of the exam.
Students may not borrow items from any work area
and should not enter these areas unless they do so as
part of their assigned work or by prior permission of
the staff supervisor of that area.
The Academy, PCC Print Shop, and the distribution
center are off limits to college students except for
class activities of work responsibilities.

3. Keys--No student is to have in his possession any
key belonging to the Academy or College unless he has
been assigned that key to perform specified duties.
The use of keys for unapproved reasons will be dealt
with by the Discipline Committee. Duplicating keys is
forbidden. A fee will be charged to anyone unable to
turn in a key that he has checked out.

4. Illness--If a student is ill and has to miss his
work responsibility, he is required to contact his
work supervisor in advance of the time he would report
to work and let the supervisor know he has checked in
with the Graf Clinic.

5. Off-Campus Employment--Students should practice
good work ethics with their employers. Therefore, any
student employed off campus is expected to give a
sufficient notice of no less than two weeks to his
employer and the Student Life Office if he intends to
terminate his employment.
Students may not work on Sundays and may not
obtain employment in any establishment where they
would need to handle alcoholic beverages.
Town students and resident men must obtain the
approval of the Student Life Office before accepting
off-campus employment. Resident women must be 25
years of age before being permitted to work off
campus. Permanent off-campus permissions for work may
be obtained from the Student Life Office. High school
residence hall students may not work off campus.


An exciting array of choices is available at each
meal for all residence hall students. Enjoy
associating with others in the relaxing atmosphere of
the dining rooms. Refer to the Activities Calendar
for the schedule of meal times.

1. General--All meals are on a continuous-serve
basis. Admittance to Varsity and Four Winds is by
scanning your current PCC card. Students may eat any
meal in either dining facility, however, they may not
eat at both dining facilities for the same meal.
Students who scan their PCC Card more than once for
any meal time will be charged the guest price for the
Meal tickets for guests can be purchased in the
lobbies. Meal ticket prices: Breakfast--$3.75,
Lunch--$4.75, Dinner--$5.50
Men and women students may be together at
breakfast, but they must meet and part inside

[page 7]

the facility lobby. Social hours begin Mon.-Fri.,
7:30 a.m.; Sat., 8:30 a.m.; Sun., 9:25 a.m. For the
noon and evening meals, couples may meet on the
Terrace 15 minutes prior to the meal.
Students are expected to observe proper table
manners and social etiquette at all meals. We ask
that students not study or converse between tables and
that they refrain from boisterous conduct. Food may
not be brought in or taken out of the dining
facilities (except for designated meals).

2. Four Winds--Men may enter and exit Four Winds by
either the east or west lobby doors anytime both
entrances are open. Women may enter and exit the east
entrance only at lunch.
During social hours couples and mixed groups may
walk to their destinations via Main Drive. After the
evening meals, men may walk their dates back only tot
he residence halls via Main Drive.


Textbooks, school supplies, Bibles, books, cards,
sportswear, gifts, and many other items may be
purchased in The Bookstore located in the Commons.
The Bookstore hours are posted an are also in the
Activities Calendar.


Meetings of groups other than those listed must
be approved in advance through the Student Life

1. Mission Prayer Band is a voluntary student
organization which meets to hear selected missionary
speakers and to pray for mission endeavors in specific
areas of the world.
Mission Prayer Band meets each Mon. at 6:15 p.m.
in the Social Hall Lecture Hall. Couples who wish to
go to Mission Prayer Band together need to meet and
part at Mission Prayer Band.
On Thurs. evenings, students meet for prayer.
The locations for the prayer times are listed in the
Activities Calendar.

2. Collegians--All students have membership in one
of the 44 men's and women's collegians--student
organizations which provide opportunities for service,
leadership, sports competition, and social activities.
Collegians are listed in the front of the Activities

3. Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the
presidents and vice presidents of the collegians and
assists the College in coordinating collegian
activities. All fundraising by groups of students must
first be approved by the Administration and by the
Pan-Hellenic Council.


Students who want to send a fax should go to the
Library. Faxes may be sent using your telephone
authorization code. This is available for the cost of
the phone call.
Students may also send and receive faxes from the
Business Office. When sending a fax from the Business
Office, your account will be charged as follows:

Local $1 per page
Long-Distance $2 first page
$1 each additional page
International $4 first page
$1 each additional page

If the Business Office receives a fax for you, a
worker will immediately send it to your box. Your
account will be charged $1 per page. The fax number
is (850) 479-6577.


The Pan-Hellenic Council provides students with a
mans of written communication through an evening mail
system. The Pan-Hellenic system delivers notes
between the residence halls at 9:25 p.m. each evening.
Notes should be placed in the Pan-Hellenic mailboxes
in Ballard and Coberly lobbies, on the third floor of
the Library, and on third and sixth floors of Bradley,
Dixon, Griffith, and Young. Notes to town students
can be sent to the Pan-Hellenic box in the Library.
Town students should check the box regularly to see if
they have mail.
Several collegians offer package delivery.
Packages should be taken to the residence hall lobbies
between 9 and 9:20 p.m.
Notes and packages should be neatly addressed
with the receiver's first and last name, his room
number, and a return address. Only mail that is
properly addressed can be delivered.


1. Mailboxes--Your mail will be placed in your
mailbox in the Commons.
Students are to check their mailboxes daily.
Those who fail to answer call slips will be given
demerits. If there is an official conflict with the
call slip time,

[page 8]

the student is responsible to contact the
faculty/staff member in advance and arrange an
alternate time.
Notes to faculty and staff may be placed in the
faculty/staff mail slot. Your name and box number
must be in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.
Al notes from students to other students must be sent
through the Pan-Hellenic mail system.
If you receive mail in your mailbox that does not
belong to you or to a person sharing your box, mark in
pencil "wrong box" and place it in the faculty/staff
mail slot, not in the outgoing U.S. Mail slot.
Students are not to tamper with or prop open their
mailboxes or another's mailbox. Mailboxes should be
kept locked for the security of mail.
Problems with combinations or locks should be
reported at the Post Office window.

1. Stamps and Shipping--There is a stamp machine in
the Commons. The Commons Post Office does not ship
packages or weigh packages for shipping. Therefore,
only prestamped packages and letters should be placed
in the U.S. Mail slot in the Commons.
The U.S. Postal Service states that all domestic
mail weighing 16 ounces or more must be presented to a
retail clerk at a U.S. Post Office.

3. Package Pickup--A student receiving a package at
the Post Office must present his own PCC Card and
package notice. Failure to present your own package
notice can cause a delay in package pick up.

4. Lost and Found--Lost articles may be claimed at
the Lost and Found window at the Commons Post Office
at $.50 per article (fee subtracted from PCC Card).
Items not claimed by the Fri. before the Lost and
Found sale will be sold.
Clothing lost in the Field House may be claimed
from the receptacles in locker room B for women and
locker room C for men. Clothing lost in the residence
halls may be claimed by contacting the Residence
Clothing lost in the Swim Center may be claimed
from receptacles in each dressing room. Items lost in
the Dale Horton Auditorium may be recovered from the
DHA lost and found with the assistance of an usher.
Items not claimed from the DHA within one week are
taken to the Commons Post Office. Money and valuable
items such as rings, wallets, etc., should be turned
in to the Business Office. If you lose money or an
item of value, go to the Business Office to identify
the item and where you lost it.

5. Return to Sender Packages--Any packages that need
to be returned to sender must be brought to the
Commons Post Office window for endorsement. If
packages have been opened, they must have more postage


The Lord has blessed our College with an
abundance of recreational and athletic facilities. It
is our desire that these facilities provide a needed
"break from studies" for our students.
Clean court shoes must be worn in the Sports
Center Arena and Field House and on the tennis courts;
jogging shoes are not permitted.
Skateboards or Rollerblades (R) may not be used
anywhere on campus.

1. Sports Center--Students may use the Sports Center
according to the schedule in the Activities Calendar.
Students enter the arena through the ground level
of the Sports Center. Women should use the southwest
stairwell near the ice rink, and men should use the
northwest stairwell near the miniature golf course.
For Eagles games and church overflow, students should
enter the arena by the front steps or ramps.

2. Swim Center provides our students a wonderful
opportunity to exercise and enjoy a refreshing swim.

3. Tennis Courts
a. Main Tennis Courts
The women's main tennis courts are behind the
Academic Center. During the afternoons, if a class is
not using the courts, women students and dating
couples may use the courts ant the same time. Couples
must sign up in advance at the Student Life Office.
b. East Tennis Courts
The east tennis courts are across Rawson Lane at
the north end of the East Campus. These courts are
available for men students any time a class is not
using them.

4. The Field House--Basketball, volleyball,
gymnastics, wrestling, and weightlifting facilities
are located in the Field House.
Men and women may be in the Field House together
only when it is opened for dating events.
Students must be dressed fro athletic
participation when using the basketball court.
Cut-off pants are not acceptable as basketball trunks
for collegian basketball. Players who are waiting to
play in a game or who have already played must be
dressed in appropriate spectator attire.
An emergency phone is in the east hallway to
contact Security in case of emergency.

[page 9]
No food or drink is permitted inside the Field

5. College Field and East Campus Fields--The college
soccer field behind Griffith Tower is reserved for
women when not in use for official games. For their
safety, women may not jog before 6 a.m. Women who jog
between 6 and 7 a.m. or after sunset must be in groups
of two.
The east soccer and softball fields and the south
field are reserved for men. Men should jog on the
east soccer field.
Cleats should not be worn on the asphalt tracks.
AN emergency phone is on the south end of East
Campus near the water fountain to contact Security in
case of emergency.

6. West Campus--The Lord has provided for us a
beautiful beach area about a half hour from the main
College campus, where students may enjoy sailing and
kayaking. A sign will be posted at the Welcome Center
and by the East Campus skywalk notifying students when
West Campus is closed because of bad weather.
Directions to West Campus are available at the
Information Desk.


1. Graf Clinic is located between Bradley Tower and
Medical professionals (including a medical
doctor, nurse practitioner, and registered nurses) are
available at this location to assist with health care
for minor illness or injury during these hours:

M-F 7:30 a - 4:30 p
Sa 1:00 p - 4:00 p
Su 7:30 a - 9:30 a

Illness and injuries of a serious nature are
referred to off-campus medical facilities. Students
may call the Baptist Health Source (434-4080) to speak
to a registered nurse at any time. Baptist health
Source also provides a medical doctor's referral
service and will assist students with scheduling
off-campus doctor's appointments, if necessary.

2. Regulations--Classes or other required activities
may not be missed except for illness. Those who miss
activities because of illness must go to the Graf
Clinic prior to missing the activity; during
non-clinic hours, call 4357 (HELP) to have the
residence manager on duty paged.
Those with a minor illness or injury will recover
in their room. Roommates are expected to assist each
other by bringing them a meal, picking up a
prescription, providing transportation to and from an
off-campus doctor, etc. Roommates and others should
be considerate of a student that is sick and avoid
gatherings in the room or other unreasonable
Following a student's initial visit, you must
report to the Graf Clinic each day prior to your first
scheduled activity until you recover. Students will
be expected to stay in their room throughout the
course of the day. If you are able to go to the
dining hall during normal meal times, you may scan out
of your room to eat on campus. You may not go off
campus for meals if you are sick. After meals, you
must immediately return to your room, scanning in at
the lobby desk when you return. You may also scan out
and in to go to an off-campus doctor or to a local
medical facility.
Residence managers and/or floor leaders may
periodically check in on a student.

3. Medication and surgery--Students who take
medication regularly or who have chronic illnesses
should see a Graf Clinic representative within the
first week of school. It will be the student's
responsibility to coordinate times with the Clinic to
gain access to their medicine stored in the Graf
Clinic's refrigerator. Students scheduling elective
surgery must clear this with the Student Life office
before scheduling the surgery.

4. Doctor's Appointments--The Graf Clinic has a
medical doctor and nurse practitioner available during
weekdays. Students may go to the clinic during
regular hours to have their medical needs evaluated
and, if necessary, make an appointment with the Graf
Clinic's doctor. Doctor's appointments should be made
for times when students are not in class, chapel, or
work. The

[page 10]
Student Life Office must approve any off-campus
appointments made during these times. Students are
expected to provide their own transportation to
off-campus doctor's appointment. As a last resort and
after making every attempt to find transportation on
their own, transportation arrangements can be made
through the Graf Clinic; however there will be a
transportation fee of $7 per trip (each way) and
$12(each way) to the Navy Hospital.

5. Graf Clinic Fee charged residence hall students at
registration entitles each residence hall student to
one clinic visit each month. Return visits ordered by
the Graf Clinic staff will not incur an additional fee
for the clinic visit; all other visits in the same
month will incur a $10 clinic visit fee. Multiple
clinic visit fees, lab fees, and other related clinic
charges (including prescription medicine delivered
through the Graf Clinic) will be applied to the
student's college account.

[page 11]

It is the purpose of Pensacola Christian College
not only to give the best academic training possible
but also to instill in its students the principles and
standards of the Word of God.
Every student is expected to maintain the
standards of the College as well as do all within his
power to encourage other students to maintain the
standards. Students who know or suspect that another
student intends to violate any rule of the school and
do not attempt to prevent the violation may be dealt
with by the Discipline Committee.


1. Required Activities--Attendance at official
college functions is required unless students are ill
or have official responsibilities approved by the
Concerts, Vespers, banquets, receptions, an other
extra class functions are an integral part of college
education. The Activities Calendar lists the official
functions. Attendance at the evangelistic meetings at
the beginning of each semester, the spring Bible
Conference, and the Missions Conference is required of
all students. Town students need to make necessary
arrangements and should consult the Town Student
section of the Student Handbook for further
information regarding attendance policies.
Weekend cuts that conflict with Bible Conference,
White Glove, Thanksgiving activities, or Collegian
Rush will not be granted. Cuts that conflict with
Vespers, Fine Arts programs, or other required
activities are not recommended since demerits will be
given for the activities which are missed. Cuts are
granted only to visit immediate relatives. Students
traveling in mixed groups while on cuts should have at
least three persons in their automobile.

2. Fine Arts Tickets are distributed on the Academic
Center third floor mall area on the dates listed in
the Activities Calendar. Students need to gather
computer cards of those who wish to sit together prior
to getting gin line.
For the Thanksgiving production, students who
will have guests on campus may purchase guest tickets
on the first day of ticket distribution, along with
receiving their own tickets. Students with out guests
may obtain tickets on the second distribution day.
For all other performances (excluding November
and May productions, seniors may obtain their tickets
on the Friday prior to the regular ticket
distribution. This advance ticket distribution is
limited to seniors plus one underclassman attending
with them. Seniors who need tickets for a group of
underclassmen should wait to obtain tickets until the
regular distribution on Monday.
Those who fail to pick up their Fine Arts Series
tickets as announced in chapel will have to purchase a
ticket the night of the performance. Demerits will
also be issued to these students.

3. Attendance Check--Students who are required to
scan in or turn in computer attendance cards must scan
or turn in only their own card. They should not scan
in or turn in an attendance card for another student.


No one may leave early at the close of either
semester. Please do not request--or have your parents
request--an exception to this policy.
When leaving at the end of the semester in a
mixed group, at least three people should be in the


1. Parking Stickers and Spaces--All student
automobiles should be registered with the Student Life
office and he parking stickers placed on the car on
registration day. Vehicles not registered properly or
not displaying the parking sticker properly will be
assessed a $10 fine. College window stickers should
be removed if a student sells his car.

[page 12]
Residence hall and town students' cars are to be
parked in their appropriate spaces. There is a 15
m.p.h. speed limit on campus. Residence hall students
should follow these steps when someone is in their
assigned space.
a. Call Security at 4357.
b. Give the sticker number of the vehicle in your
c. Park in the designated area listed on the vehicle
regulations sheet until your space is open.
Periodically check to see if your space is open.
A $10 fine will be assessed for parking and
speeding violations. Neither resident nor town
students may drive an automobile/motorcycle on campus
unless they have proof of insurance coverage and are
on the title of the vehicle as a co-owner.
Residence hall students are not to drive to the
Sports Center.
High school students may not have automobiles.

2. Motorcycles and Bicycles--Motorcycles should be
registered and the parking sticker placed on the left
front fork. Motorcycles must be parked in the
designated area.
Student bicycles should be registered and the
registration sticker displayed on the main frame area.
Bicycles should be locked when not in use.
The College cannot assume responsibility for the
protection of any bicycles, motorcycles, or
automobiles which students have on campus.

3. Parking Areas--Men students may never be in the
women's parking areas including the parking garage.
Women students may never be in the men's parking lots.
If you ever see a stranger in the garage, walk
away and call Security. The phones in the garage
labeled "Security only" are to be used only in case of
If your car needs to be repaired, you must check
in with Security and accompany the repairman/tow truck
driver to the garage. Repairmen/tow truck drivers
will not be admitted unless they have been identified
to the security guard.
Vehicles cannot be worked on while on campus.
This would include changing the oil.
When entering and exiting the parking garage,
pedestrians should always use the steps rather than
the ramp.

4. Town Student Information--All vehicles used by
town students (except for evening division students
[classes after 6 p.m.]) must display a PCC sticker on
the left side of the rear window. Temporary stickers
for one week are available for town students whose
registered cars are not available (and who therefore
are using another car) from the Student Life Office.
Parking spaces are limited on campus; therefore,
the following regulations are necessary.
a. During the day, town students must park in the
designated are listed on the vehicle regulations
b. After 5 p.m. and on weekends, town students may
park in any space on campus except numbered, reserved,
or guest spaces.
c. Several "15-minute" parking paces are available for
town students to use when checking their mail and/or
returning library books.

5. Accidents--Students are to report any traffic
tickets, automobile accidents, or other events
involving the police to the Student Life Office on the
day the event occurs.


Students who walk in the streets rather than on the
sidewalks do so at their own risk.


If you ever come upon a situation where a student is
very seriously injured or is in a life-or-death
situation, call ext. 555 immediately. Emergency calls
to this extension are recorded 24 hours a day.


1. Enrollment and transcripts--When Pensacola
Christian College accepts a student, it is understood
that it is for a nine-month period; if a student does
not intend to stay for the second semester, he must
fill out a cancellation form during the last two weeks
of the semester. If he has not given written
notification one week prior to the official opening of
the semester (Tuesday in September/Monday in January),
he must pay within 30 days 25 percent of the full
semester's tuition. No transcripts will be issued
until this is paid.
Students should allow three weeks after the end
of the semester for the release of transcripts so that
the College can clear all accounts.
Students owe the Academic Program Fee based on
the declared major as stated in the Records Office at
the end of Drop/Add.

2. Payments and Financial Arrangements--Students are
responsible for their financial obligations whether
they or their parents pay the account. Therefore,
each student should familiarize himself with how much
he owes, his schedule of payments, and the amount of
each payment. Envelopes for making payments are at
the Business Office and Information Desk. Payments
should be dropped off in the box outside the Business
Office doors (after

[page 13]
hours or in the cabinet lobby of the Business Office.
There is a charge of $20 for returned checks.
If a student is having a problem with his
account, he needs to take the initiative and meet with
someone in the Business Office regarding this. If a
student owes more than $50 (phone bill included) at
the end of a semester, his grade report will be held
until payment is received. The college deans do not
make financial arrangements or employment agreements
with students; these matters are handled by the
appropriate departments.

3. Financial Services--PCC has worked closely with
AmSouth Bank of Florida to proved college students a
convenient and inexpensive package of banking
services. Included in the services available to all
PCC students is a minimal-cost checking account (no
minimum balance required) and two automatic teller
machines in the Commons which are connected to the
nationwide networks for ATMs.
Parents may deposit checks to the student's
personal checking account at home if the student can
access his checking account at home through the
networks; the student may then withdraw funds from one
of the ATMs on campus. The bank charges a nominal fee
for such ATM transitions.
AmSouth Bank will make members of its staff
available to counsel and instruct students as to the
proper way to administer a checking account.
Any form of stealing, whether or not it is
related to ATM code numbers, may result in the
dismissal of the student from the College.

4. Personal and College Property--Pensacola
Christian College is not liable for damage to personal
belongings of students under any circumstances
including the event of a catastrophe such as, but not
limited to, windstorm, hail, flood, riot, riot
attending a strike, civil commotion, explosion, fire,
smoke, vehicle or aircraft accident. Neither is the
College liable for theft of personal belongings of
students. Students should not keep money in their
residence hall rooms, but should use the ATM system
available in the Commons.
Those who overload elevators will be charged the
cost of repairs. Everyone on the elevator will be
The elevators in the Commons, Sports Center,
Communicative Arts Center, and Dale Horton Auditorium
are for the handicapped.

5. PCC Card serves as a cash card. Students should
not damage or punch holes in this card. There are
machines in the Library, Commons, Sports Center, each
of the six residence halls, and by the Information
Desk to put money on PCC Cards. These cards are to be
used in the Sports Center, the Palms Grille, The
Bookstore, and in vending, copy, and laundry machines.
Students who bank at AmSouth can use their PCC Card
as their ATM card. If a student's PCC Card is lost or
taken by the ATM, he can obtain a duplicate card from
the Reservation Office (AC 442). During the evening
and on weekends, he may obtain a temporary card from
the Information Desk.

6. Student Services Fee/Yearbook--Full-time college
students (either residence hall or town students) who
have paid the Student Services Fee both semesters are
entitled to receive a college yearbook. Seniors who
complete their college work in the first semester are
also entitled to a yearbook.


Students may not participate in the selling of
products or solicitation of any nature on campus,
except that residence hall Academy students may sell
candy for the official Academy candy sale. Students
are not to be involved in chain letters or pyramid
schemes. There is to be no collection of money from
students for any reason without prior authorization
from the Administration.


1. Music Standards--At Pensacola Christian College,
we feel it important that our students learn to
appreciate and be involved in music that enhances
their Christian testimony. Therefore, students are
encouraged to listen to classical, semiclassical and
good Christian music. The fine arts staff of the
College acknowledges its responsibility to provide
musical experiences designed to develop the appetites
of our students for such music.
The following types of music are not permitted:
a. Current popular music
b. Jazz, rock, rap, folk, "Nashville" type, or new age
c. Religious music performed in the folk, western
rock, or gospel rock style
d. Soundtracks from movies rated PG-13, PG, or below

[page 14]
Because the easy-listening music on local radio
stations is consistently rock music, the only station
we recommend in Pensacola is 89.5 Rejoice Radio.

2. Music Checks--It is the students' responsibility
to be certain they listen to music that meets the
college standard. Music that does not meet the
standard must be turned in immediately. Students who
have questions regarding specific tapes, records, or
CDs should turn them in to the residence manager to be
checked. Approved music will be returned to the
music. Unsuitable music will be retained by the
College until the semester concludes. Headphones and
earphones should not be brought to the campus.

3. Student Music Groups--All music performed by
individuals or groups in church, Sunday school,
Christian service activities, or other programs on or
off campus must be memorized, checked, and approve
before it is used. Soundtracks may be used as
background music. Consult the Activities Calendar for
the regularly scheduled music checks.
Student musical groups must follow these
a. All members of a musical group must be members of
the same collegian. This includes the accompanist and
the leader. Mixed groups may contain men from one
men's collegian and women from one women's collegian
b. The maximum number of members in a group is eight
plus one accompanist.
c. Exceptions are allowed only for groups of brothers
and sisters (only one family per musical group) and
groups assigned by the music faculty as an academic
d. The leader of the group will be approved similar to
a collegian officer. As is true with collegian
officers, the leader's participation in the group will
be reviewed if he reaches 75 demerits.
e. The leader of the group must sign an Agreement to
Follow Music Guidelines. Those are available at Music
f. Pan-Hellenic service pointes will be given for
collegian music groups' participation.
g. Groups may perform only twice per month.
h. Performing groups may not use any of the PCC
recording studios for rehearsals or the making of
i. Music must be approved through Music Check.
j. Male and mixed groups may perform in any college
Sunday school or adult Bible study class. Female
groups may perform in any adult or student class where
a faculty sponsor is present.
k. All group members must return to their respective
Sunday school classes when finished performing.

4. Practice Studios--Music practice studios are
located in the Communicative Arts Center, Bradley
Tower, and Young Tower. Women may use the
Communicative Arts Center studios whenever the
building is open or the Bradley Tower studios.

5. Musical Instruments--Musical instruments are to
be used only in those places and times designated by
the music department. This applies to all students,
whether or not they have been assigned to practice
Guitars may be used for Sunday school, banquets,
or Christian Service as special music or on outings if
no piano is available. A taped piano accompaniment is
recommended if a piano is not available at the meeting


1. Cell Phones, Pagers, Palm Pilots, or Other
Wireless Devices that utilize cellular or wireless
technology for the purpose of receiving or
transmitting telephone calls, pager messages, e-mail,
Internet, or any other electronic message may not be
used on the campus of Pensacola Christian College.
Students may have a standard cell telephone (without
e-mail or Internet service), provided it remains in
their automobile.
Misuse of a cellular phone on campus may result
in the student having to turn it in to the Residence

2. Personal Computer--Students may have a personal
computer and printer to assist them with fulfilling
their academic requirements, but they may not use them
during class sessions. Also, computers may not be
connected to Internet or e-mail services including
wireless services. Students that own a computer will
be held responsible for their computer as well as any
files stored on their computer or medium played over
their computer. Therefore, students should take every
precaution to avoid others using their computer.
Computers may not be used to play CD or DVD movies.
The content of all files, CDs, or DVDs must conform to
PCC policy and standards noted elsewhere in this
PCC reserves the right to check the computer
files on any personal computer on campus if, in the
opinion of the Administration, it is reported or
suspected that said files or related medium may be in
violation of the policies and standards of the

[page 15]

Some of the most lasting friendships of life have
been a result of acquaintances started as roommates at
college. The experiences you have with your roommates
will be a source of spiritual strength during your
college years and a source of pleasant memories for
the rest of your life. To assure that your say in the
residence hall will be a pleasant one, the College
Administration feels that the following regulations
are necessary.


For everyone's mutual protection and benefit,
there is to be no borrowing or renting of another
person's property--including everything from ties to
automobiles. Borrowing or using umbrellas without
permission is considered stealing and will be dealt
with accordingly. Students may borrow from each other
items needed for official college stage productions as
long as there is proper agreement between the
Practical jokes, horseplay, or boisterous conduct
all too often offends someone or results in damage of
property or persons and will not be permitted. There
is to be no running or excessive noise in the
residence halls or rooms.
No students should ever be in another person's
residence hall room unless a resident of that room is
Students may not conduct surveys or circulate
petitions without prior approval of the


1. Furniture and Air Conditioning--Room furniture
(except chairs) may not be moved. Wet items should be
hung in the bathroom only. Beds and room furniture
should be kept clear of wet hanging items as this
causes rust on the beds and stains the wood furniture.
Drying racks should be used in the bathrooms or
laundry rooms.
To allow for proper ventilations, no furniture or
personal belongings should be placed in front of
air-conditioning units, nor should decorations cover
the air-conditioning vents.
To protect the carpet, wet umbrellas should be
left in the umbrella rack outside the residence hall
or put in the shower or bathtub. Wet umbrellas should
not be left in the hallways. Those breaking
thermostats by forcing them past the preset
temperatures are responsible to pay for damages and
labor costs (approximately $75). If there is a
problem with temperature in your room, ask your
floorleader to contact maintenance.
Damage to furniture, plumbing, door handles,
etc., should be reported to the floorleaders

2. Walls and Doors--Students should not put nails,
tacks, pins, or screws into the walls, ceiling, or
woodwork of the rooms. Regular straight pins may be
used in the corners of the ceiling as long as the
walls are not damaged. The name plate on the exterior
of each door should have a card mounted with the
residents' names. There should be no other exterior
door decoration. Tape or Plasti-tak(R) may not be
used on any surface.
All exterior residence hall doors are to be
locked at all times except for the front doors,
Coberly and Ballard south end doors, and the Young
west end door. For security purposes, please do not
prop open any doors.

3. Blinds and Windows--Beginning in late afternoon
before sunset, all room blinds, except those on the
first floor, should be tilted upward so that a student
in the room can see the sky; this keeps people on the
outside from seeing into the room. Blinds on the
first floor should be tilted downward so that the
ground is visible. Students will be required to pay
for damaged or bent blinds.
The residence hall windows on all floors of the
residence halls are to be kept closed and locked,
except periodically for airing out purposes approved
by the residence manager. There is to be no
communication through the windows of any building.

[page 16]
4. Electrical Items such as lights, irons, curling
irons, radios, etc., are to be turned off when no one
is in the room.
Radios, table lamps, irons, hair dryers, curling
irons, and electric razors may be used in the
residence halls, but please no microwaves, hot plates,
electric skillets, electric fans, heating coils, sun
lamps, coffee pots, televisions, television video
games, radios designed to pick up television stations,
electric blankets, or extra furniture. Small
bookcases may be used in the rooms. Hot pots and
popcorn poppers may be used in the laundry or vending
rooms. Electric Christmas lights are not permitted,
but battery-operated lights may be used.
Students may iron in their rooms; however, when
not in use irons should always be placed on the
bathroom counters rather than left in the room. Irons
should never be placed on the carpet. Irons should
not be kept in the laundry rooms.


1. Authorization Code--Each student at Pensacola
Christian College receives a telephone authorization
code number. This authorization code is a blank
check. Under no circumstances should it be given to
anyone else. The student is completely liable and
will be billed for all calls made on his authorization
code number. Unauthorized use of another person's
authorization code will be treated as stealing.

2. Incoming Calls--Pensacola Christian College
operates an automated residence hall switchboard which
allows incoming calls to student rooms. Parents may
call students by dialing (850) 476-8000. The caller
then enters the 7-digit student phone number that the
student has previously given them, and the call is
Those who call asking for women by name or asking
for their phone number will be referred to our message
center rather than being transferred to the room.
This is to protect students from unwanted phone calls.
Messages will be sent to mailboxes. Of course,
people dialing the automated switchboard with the
correct telephone number can be connected directly to
their room. Students should not give their phone
number to anyone except those from whom they want to
receive calls.
The residence hall switchboard directs calls to
students' rooms from 6:30 a.m. to 10 pm. (Central
Students should inform their parents that in case
of an emergency between 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., parents
my call (850)478-8496. Please ask your parents to
call during those hours only if it is an emergency.

3. Calling Instructions

For On-Campus, dial XXXXXXX or
(7-digit student no.) (4-digit
extension no.)
Local Calling, dial *6- XXXXXX- 9-
(authorization code) (local
Long Distance, dial *6- XXXXXX -9-1- (XXX)
(authorization code) (area code)
*0+ Calling, dial *6- XXXXXX -9-0- (XXX)
(authorization code) (area code)

*These are calls billed to calling card, collect,
or third number and will be assessed an
operator-assisted surcharge by AT&T.
The telephone system operates for outgoing calls
from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. (CT). Telephone calls being
billed to your account may be placed to the United
States and Canada.
Students may sign up to have their telephone
access expanded to include international dialing. A
special agreement would first need to be signed with
the Business Office.

4. Courtesy--Use proper courtesy when answering the
phone. If the caller asks to speak to someone who is
not present, offer to take a message. If the person
is in the suite, do not yell to him; instead, go get
the student.
Out of courtesy for those desiring to place
long-distance calls, calls between residence halls and
local calls are to be limited to 30 minutes. Calls
may be made between residence halls from 6:30 a.m.
until 7 p.m. Mon through Thurs. and until 10 p.m. Fri.
through Sun.
Students should not call faculty, staff, or
administrative offices. If a student has business to
take car of, he should go by and make an appointment
to see the individual.

5. Voice Mail--As part of the telephone service,
each student is provided with a personal voice
mailbox. Callers who dial a student's 7-digit
extension number will be given an opportunity to leave
a recorded message when the phone is not answered or
is busy. It is the student's responsibility to check
voice mail periodically for messages. The recording
of inappropriate greetings or messages will result in
the removal of the voice mailbox.

6. Charges (subject to change)

Local charge
BellSouth information calls (411), each.......$.85
Long-Distance U.S.A (M-F) (per min.)..........$.15
Long-Distance U.S.A (Sa/Su) (per min.)........$.10
Long-Distance information calls, each........$1.40
800 charge
Others......................AT&T Direct Dial rates

All long-distance calls will be itemized and
billed on the student's regular college statement.
For long-distance wrong numbers, fill out a Telecom-

[page 17]
munications Inquiry form, giving the date, the time of
the call, and the phone number you were attempting to
The telephone service fee of $40 per semester is
for all students living in the residence halls. This
fee is payable in four payments of $10.
Grades and transcripts will be held until
accounts are paid. Any telephone account unpaid at
the due date will be subject tot termination of
service. If service is canceled because of
nonpayment, the account and a $10 reconnection fee
must be paid before reinstatement of service.

7. Telecommunications Inquiry Forms--If you have
questions about telephone service or your billing
statement, please complete a PCC Telecommunications
Inquiry form. These are available at the Information
Desk and Bradley, Dixon, Griffith, and Young lobby

8. Equipment--Do not hang anything on the exposed
wire of the phones. Students should not close the
phone cord in the doors as this will damage the cord.
Lost, damaged, or stolen telephone equipment will
be billed at replacement cost to the students in the
room to which the equipment was assigned.
Any type of hookup to your telephone, including a
second phone, a modem, or an answering machine is not
If your phone is not working properly, write out
a description of the problem on a Telecommunications
Inquiry form.

9. Courtesy Phones--When using the courtesy phones,
students should limit their calls to 10 minutes if
someone is waiting to use the telephone.
When waiting to use the courtesy phones in the
residence hall lobbies, students should not lie down
on the couches or on the floor.
Courtesy phones are available in the Sports
Center, Commons, residence hall lobbies, and by the
Information Desk for on-campus, local, and
long-distance calls.


1. Room Check--Each day residence rooms will be
inspected beginning at 7:35 a.m. (Sat. and Sun., 9
a.m.). Each Saturday showers will be thoroughly
checked, and beds must have clean linen by lights out.
On Sundays specific room jobs will not be checked;
however, beds should be made and the room should be
neat. Students may be asleep during room check as
long as their beds are made. If a student is away on
cuts, he is responsible to arrange for his roommates
to cover his responsibilities.
Only students whose work requires it may rise
before 5:30 a.m. There may be no showers or hair
dryers before 6 a.m. Anyone who rises early should be
quiet in order not to disturb those who are sleeping.

2. Prayer Group/Hall Meeting--All students should be
in the residence hall by 10:15 p.m., Mon. through
Thurs., and 10:25 p.m., Fri. through Sun. Group prayer
meeting is held from 10:15 to 10:30 p.m. on Mon.,
Tues., and Thurs., and from 1:30 to 10:45 p.m. on Fri.
Hall meeting is each Sat form 10:30 to 10:45 p.m.

3. Quiet Hours--To provide an atmosphere conducive
to study, Quiet Hours will be maintained in the
residence halls Mon through Thurs. from 7 to 9:30 p.m.
Wed. Quiet hours are from immediately after church
until 10 p.m. There should be no talking or noise in
the hallways.

4. Lights Out is at 11 p.m. and all students are to
be quiet and in bed. Students are not to be in someone
else's room after lights out.

5. Senior Study Hall--Seniors and those 21 and older
may attend senior study hall Mon. through Thurs. from
11 until 11:45 p.m. The men's study halls meet in the
Ballard and Coberly lobbies and Young Tower fourth,
sixth, and eighth floors. The women meet on the
fourth, sixth, and eighth floors of Bradley, Dixon,
and Griffith Towers. Students are to arrive before
the 11 p.m. bell and remain until study hall ends.
All Quiet Hour regulations are to be observed; there
is to be no food, drink, talking, or typewriters.
Women students may be dressed for bed but should wear
a robe. Men students should wear street clothes. All
students should be in bed by 12 p.m.; there may be no
noise or lights when they return to their rooms.

There is to be no selling of products of solicitation
of any nature in the residence halls, except that

[page 18]
hall high school students may sell candy for the
official school candy sale.
Matches, lighters, candles, or incense are not to
be burned in the residence halls or anywhere on
Animals, including fish, are not allowed.
Weights or barbells should not be used in the
residence halls.
Students should not have food from local
restaurants delivered to campus.
No firearms, ammunition, fireworks, large knives,
swords, or similar weapons may be kept in a student's
possession but must be turned in to the Student Life
Men are not to be behind Bradley or Coberly
except when going to and from the Graf Clinic. When
going to East Campus, workers are to walk between
Coberly and Ballard.


Students are not to be in any staff member's room
in the residence hall without having obtained written
permission. They may not knock on the residence
manager's door except in an emergency; otherwise, they
should leave a note. Normal problems should be
reported to the desk worker or to a floorleader.


You are welcome to see your residence manager
regarding any problem or question that you have. Put
a note under the office door with a list of your free
hours. Your residence manager will set up a specific
time to meet with you. Residence managers see
students by appointment; however, any time the office
door is open, students may feel free to stop in.

Ballard 1102 Bradley
Coberly 2101 Dixon
Young 6003 Griffith


Prospective and former students are the only
guests permitted to stay in the residence halls.
Prospective students are to be in ninth through
twelfth grades and are limited to no more than three
nights. Former students are asked not to stay more
than two nights in the residence halls. Prior
arrangements should be made with the Reservation
Office (AC 442). There may be no overnight guests in
the residence halls the first or last three nights of
each semester.


High school residence hall students are required
to attend all Bible Conference services. When the
College is in session on high school holidays, high
school students are expected to attend chapel and
other college programs, unless they are away on
official cuts.


The laundry rooms may be used from 6:30 a.m.
until 11 p.m. We ask our students to use liquid
laundry detergent and nonchlorinated bleach.
For those students whose clothes get greasy or
oily as a result of work, we have designated one
washing machine in Coberly South, Young Tower, and
Dixon Tower to be used for such clothes. Greasy or
oily clothes are not to be washed in the other


There are ice machines and microwaves in each
residence hall. The ice machines are in Ballard and
Coberly main lobbies, Dixon and Griffith third floors,
and all floors in Bradley and Young. The microwaves
are in Ballard and Coberly main lobbies and on the
fifth floors of Bradley, Dixon, Griffith, and Young


Televisions are in Ballard and Coberly lobbies
and in Bradley, Dixon, Griffith, and Young Tower
fourth-floor dayrooms for students to watch news
during scheduled viewing times.

Items such as trunks, suitcases, and boxes that
are not going to be used during the school year may be
stored for the year. The College is not responsible
for damaged or lost items. Each student is
responsible for his own belongings. Name and room
number must be properly attached. Students may keep
suitcases under their beds as long as they are totally
out of sight. Trunks may not be kept in the room.


Students should put all disposable items smaller
than a shoe box in the trash chute. Larger cardboard
boxes should be broken down and placed in designated
locations in each building. Styrofoam (R) pellets
should be placed in a container when disposing of
them, since loose ones will blow away when the
dumpster is emptied.

Where there is a reasonable indication that a
student is violating a school policy, designated
college staff may search a residence hall room or
vehicle for evidence only upon proper approval from
the Dean of Student Life.


1. Security--Women should use the main lobby doors
to enter and exit the building. Current PCC Cards
must be shown to enter the women's

[page 19]
residence halls. The end doors of the women's
residence halls are locked at all times and are only
emergency exits.

2. Baby-Sitting--Girls who wish to baby-sit for
faculty members should complete a baby-sitting form
which will be passed out at hall meeting.
Baby-sitting is not permitted in the residence hall.


1. Check-Out Procedure--Resident students are
responsible to personally check out and in at the
residence hall when leaving and returning to campus,
which includes seeing that their name appears on the
off-campus pass or that their PCC Card has been
scanned. Written off-campus passes should be obtained
at one of the permission times, punched out, and filed
in the pass box when leaving campus and punched in and
left in the pass box at the desk when checking back on
Students should indicate on their pass whether
they are missing a required activity, not missing a
required activity or obtaining a blanket pass.
Students must leave campus at the time they check out
and must check in immediately upon returning.
When walking off campus, students are to walk out
the front campus gate, rather than walk down Rawson
Lane. Students may not leave the campus before 5:30
Those who are out shopping and doing other
routine things are required to be checked in by 10
p.m. However, students who are out with parents or
out-of-town guests, baby-sitting, or visiting in a
local home are permitted to come in at 10:25 p.m. on
Fri., Sat., and Sun.

2. Written Permissions--An off-campus pass is
necessary in these instances:
a. To miss a required activity
b. To visit in faculty, staff, or local homes
c. To visit the Campus House
d. To visit a faculty or staff apartment on
e. Off-campus dating or mixed groups
f. *To be off campus overnight (individual pass
g. To destinations not on computer
Failure to obtain written permission for the
above activities will result in restriction to campus
and demerits.
*Students may only stay off campus overnight with
parents, grandparents, married aunts and uncles, or
married brothers and sisters.

3. Parental permissions--Written permission must be
received from the parents of women under 21 or high
school students (boys or girls) who wish to take cuts.
It should be mailed directly to the Student Life
Office (it may not be brought in by the student), and
the letter must state the destination and means of
transportation. A telephone call from the parent is
also acceptable, though a letter is preferred.

4. Computer Check-out--In using the residence hall
computer s to check off campus, use these steps.
a. Touch "check-out."
b. Scan the PCC Cards of those leaving together.
c. Touch the destinations where you are going
(limit of 10)
d. Indicate whether you will be off campus in a
mixed group.
e. Touch the time you will be back.
To scan in from off campus:
a. Touch "check-in."
b. Scan PCC Card.
Women students under 21 must have parental
permission to go off campus with anyone other tan PCC
students or staff members an off-campus pass must be
obtained in situations which require parental
On Sunday, students may scan out for 2 1/2 hours
to go to a local restaurant.

5. Permission Locations--Written permissions are
given to men students at the Ballard lobby desk and to
women students at the Dixon Tower residence manager's
office (4119) according to the schedule listed in the
Activities Calendar. Passes will also be given at the
residence hall lobby desks when the residence managers
are on duty.

6. Voiding Permissions--Unused off-campus passes
must be returned to the person giving

[page 20]
permissions no later than the next scheduled
permission time.

7. Late Permissions--If a student fails to obtain a
pass at one of the permission times, a residence
manager is available Mon. through Thurs. evenings in
the Commons. On weekends a residence manager can be
contacted through the Information Desk. Demerits will
be given to those who forget to obtain passes;
however, if you receive surprise guests or a late
invitation from campus parents, you will not receive
demerits for obtaining a late pass.

8. Missing Required Activities--The residence hall
computers do not give permission for missing a
required activity.
Students may only go off campus for a five-hour
period of time during the week and an eight-hour
period of time on weekends, except for weekend cuts or
when with campus parents.

9. Beaches

a. Fort Pickens: Women--For their safety and
well-being, women going to the beach must be in groups
of at least five and must stay together as a group.
Each group must be accompanied by a junior or senior
chaperone who is an APL or PL and has been a student
at least two years at the College. There should be one
chaperone per car. Students should not take a taxi to
the beach. Women are to turn right after the toll
bridge and drive west toward Fort Pickens to go to the
beach. They may never drive east toward Navarre.
During the fall semester and spring after March 1,
women should drive past the Fort Pickens gate to avoid
the crowded beaches.

b. Navarre: Men--For their safety, men going to the
beach must be in groups of at least three. Men are to
bear left after the toll bridge and drive east no more
than five miles past the residential area to the open
beach space between Pensacola Beach and Navarre. They
may never drive west toward Fort Pickens.

c. Public beaches--Students are not permitted to be at
the beach where there are a number of other people.
The main public beach areas are off limits.

d. Sunburn--Students who allow themselves to sunburn
so that they are unable to attend class are subject to
the standard penalty for missing class.

10. Women--For their safety and well-being, freshmen
and sophomore women may go off campus in groups of
three and juniors in twos. Seniors and those 21 and
older may go off campus by themselves before 5 p.m. A
group of two is required after 5 p.m. and is advisable
during the day. A senior may take a freshman or
sophomore off campus without a third person.
Women who go off campus after 7 p.m. must go by
For safety reasons we ask our women students not
to go to the County Market/Brent Oaks Shopping Center
after dark. During daylight hours, women students may
go to this shopping area by walking down Brent Lane
and over the overpass. Women students are never
permitted to walk down the dirt road by the railroad
tracks, nor are they permitted to go down Sycamore and
cross the tracks under the overpass when going to the
County Market shopping center.

11. Off Campus (Miscellaneous)--Circle K stores and
the Boardwalk Mall on Santa Rosa Island are off limits
to all students. The Chimneys and Bluffs areas along
Scenic Highway are off limits at all times.
High school students must obtain a pass and be in
a group of at least three residence hall students when
off campus and must have a college junior or senior in
the off-campus group.
Students may visit staff member sin their homes
one time each month. Campus parents may be visited
more often.
The gate by the railroad tracks is kept locked
during the weekend; students should walk down Brent
Students are not to go to a destination which was
not indicated when they checked off campus. College
standards should always be maintained, even when
students are off campus with their parents.



7:50 Leave for Period I
8:50 Leave for Period II
9:50 Leave for Chapel
9:55 Residence Halls Close
10:45 Chapel Ends
11:50 Leave for Period IV

12:50 Leave for Period V
1:50 Leave for Period VI
2:50 Leave for Period VII
3:50 Leave for Period VII
4:50 Leave for Period IX
7:00-9:30 Quiet Hours (M, T, R)
10:15-10:30 Prayer Group (M, T, R)
10:55/11:00 Lights Out


10:30-10:45 Hall Meeting
10:55/11:00 Lights Out


8:10 Leave for Early Service
9:40 Leave for Sunday School
9:45 Residence Halls Close

5:40 Leave for Church
5:45 Residence Halls Close
10:55/11:00 Lights Out

[page 21]

Wed. P.M.
6:40 Leave for Church Service
6:45 Residence Halls Close
10:00 Quiet Hours End

Fri. P.M.
10:30-10:45 Prayer Group
10:55/11:00 Lights Out

Sat. P.M.
3:10 1:55/7:25 Pick up dates for FAS

Sun. P.M.
3:10 Leave for Vespers
3:15 Residence Halls Close


1. Off Campus--Residence hall students who are 23
years old or older should always scan or sign out or
obtain a pass when leaving campus. They may be away
on overnight cuts as well as weekend cuts; however,
attendance at College functions such as Fine Arts
Series, Vespers, Bible Conference, Commencement
Contests, etc., is required.
Procedures for going to the beach are the same as
for others students except that 23 and older students
may go in groups of two. Students should always leave
the beach before dark.
On Fri.-Sun., 23 and older students may sign out
until 10:25 p.m.; however, on Mon.-Thurs., they must
return to campus by 10 p.m. Since Sun. is considered
a day of rest, shopping should be handled on another
Twenty-three and older students may date off
campus without a chaperone. For testimony's sake
students should never go to the beach as couples, be
at a park after dark, or visit in the home of
unmarried members of the opposite sex.

2. Residence Halls--Older students are assigned to
one area of the residence hall so that the atmosphere
on the floor will be quieter and less disturbing.
A floorleader will come into rooms in that area
at 11 p.m. to be sure students are in the building,
however older students are not required to be in bed.
Those who stay up after 11 p.m. should be quiet so
they do not disturb sleeping residents. They may stay
up in their room or in the hall.

3. Sunday School/Collegian Meeting--Older students
may attend the Sunday school of their academic
classification or the 23 and older class.
Collegian meetings are optional for 23 and older
students. Since the residence halls are locked, they
may go to the Library to study.

[page 22]
The Christian life does not develop
spontaneously, but the wonderful atmosphere at PCC
will help you cultivate and maintain your Christian
growth. As you take advantage of the opportunities at
PCC, your life will be blessed, and you will mature as
an adult and as a Christian.


The most important part of your day should be
your time alone with the Lord. Your own private
devotional time will do much to help you claim God's
promise of perfect peace to those whose minds are
stayed on Him (Isa. 26:3).
The Scriptures say our time with the Lord should
be private. "But thou, when thou prayest, enter into
thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to
thy Father in secret; and thy Father which seeth in
secret shall reward thee openly." (Matt. 6:6) Prayer
rooms are located in each residence hall and provide a
quiet place for you to have your devotions. Couples
desiring to have devotions together are permitted to
do so in the Social Hall during regularly scheduled


Daily chapel services are a time when the college
family meets together to hear the Word of God
Because of the important role which the chapel
services play in our college life, full-time students
and residence hall graduate students are required to
attend. Chapel seats are assigned each semester.
If a student has guests who wish to attend
chapel, he should ask the usher to seat the guests in
the area reserved for them. The student should sit in
his assigned seat.
All students, including high school resident
students, should read the student bulletin boards
daily. Chapel announcements are posted on the
Academic Center bulletin board for the benefit of
those who did not attend chapel.


The focal point of the spiritual life at
Pensacola Christian College is Campus Church which
provides a home church away from home. Opportunities
are available for students to be involved in the youth
ministry, Awana program, children's churches, and
nursery. Students involved in these ministries should
miss only one church service per week.
Residence hall and town students who are not
permanent residents of this area attend the church
services of Campus Church. These services include
Sunday school, the Sunday morning and evening
services, and the Wednesday evening service. To help
us get everyone seated before church begins, students
may not congregate outside the Dale Horton Auditorium
before church services. Students should plan to meet
their dates and friends at the residence halls rather
than in front of the auditorium. Once you meet your
date or friends you should go into the Dale Horton
Auditorium without loitering outside or in the lobby.
All students are to be seated five minutes before the
service is to begin. Couples may not linger in the
church following services as the Dale Horton
Auditorium is considered an unchaperoned area
immediately after the service.
Students are required to attend Sunday school
classes, class meetings, etc., on the basis of their
official classification. The official classification
is listed on the student's welcome card. Any question
about classification should be referred to the Records
Since practicing sign language or song leading
during church services or at other public gatherings
is distracting, students who practice sign language
during church services should sit in the deaf section.
Cameras and tape recorders are not permitted in
church, chapel, classes, or any college program.


The College believes that every student should be
involved in Christian service. Therefore, we
encourage each student to go out weekly on a Christian

[page 23]
service activity. The exercise of your faith in
various Christian service activities will contribute
to your spiritual growth and effectiveness in the
Lord's work.

1. General--Christian service groups should consist
of at least three students. Questions regarding
Christian Service should be directed to the Student
Life Office. Music performed must pass the music

2. Women students may go in groups of two on daytime
door-to-door visitation in neighborhoods approved by
the Student Life Office. They may not enter a home
unless the wife is present.
A male student may drive for a women's Christian
Service providing he is not dating a member of the

3. Check-Out Procedures--When leaving campus,
student should scan out indicating where they are
going on Christian Service by touching the number
corresponding with their particular activity. When
returning to campus, they should scan in.

4. Dress--Students leaving campus for Christian
service activities are expected to dress in keeping
with College standards and should remember that they
represent the College as well as the Lord.


1. Charismatic Movement--Pensacola Christian College
takes a definite stand against the modern-day
charismatic movement. We stand against the
un-Scriptural emphasis that is espoused by the
charismatic movement, the erroneous interpretation of
the Scriptures by the movement, and the divisiveness
that the charismatic movement often creates.
Without meaning to be unfriendly or unkind to
anyone, we feel it is only fair to say the above at
the very outset of our relationship. Students are not
permitted to participate in or promote charismatic

2. Hyper-Calvinism--It has been the observation of
the College that students who take a stand for
hyper-Calvinism tend to spend time discussing these
beliefs instead of accepting their responsibility of
witnessing to others. Therefore, Pensacola Christian
College does not permit the promotion of
hyper-Calvinistic beliefs.

[page 24]
Pensacola Christian College has a self-contained
campus very much like a city with a full range of
services and activities available to campus members.
These services and activities range from campus
security to a full-time local church, Christian
service activities, chapel services (four per week),
athletic programs including men's intercollegiate
basketball and wrestling and women's intercollegiate
volleyball, as well as an intramural sports program
involving 44 men's and women's collegians.
Students experience a full social life with
friendships and dating to Campus Church activities,
many intercollegiate and collegian sports activities,
fine arts programs (plays, opera, concerts, Vespers
services), and speech and music recitals. Students
also enjoy spending time with a "friend," sharing a
snack at the Palms Grille; meeting for breakfast or
lunch in Varsity; playing tennis; playing Ping-Pong,
miniature golf, racquetball, or wallyball, or bowling
or ice skating in the Sports Center; dating in the
Social Hall; and attending off-campus dating outings
and other special off-campus dating experiences.
A myriad of social opportunities allows students
to cultivate healthy relationships which honor the
Lord Jesus Christ. Such wholesome activities foster
communication, spiritual growth, and lasting
Leadership opportunities abound--whether it be
class or student body offices, collegian offices,
residence hall floorleaders, sports teams,
cheerleaders, ushers, ensemble members security, work
leadership, etc. More than 1,000 work assistance
campus jobs provide students opportunities to work
their way through college.
These pluses are made available through our
"city," where students have the opportunity to receive
the best in educational experiences at an affordable
price! Some policies may vary for male and female
students for safety and personal security reasons.

The College has as its stated purpose to train
young people for Christian service while it equips
them for their professional field. The standard for
Christians contemplating such leadership is
considerably high than standards of the world or even
standards for local church membership. The College
desires that each student develop personal standards
based upon such Biblical principles as yieldedness and
obedience to God, concern for others, and a close walk
with God.
Based on these expectations from the Lord and as
a distinctively Christian institution, Pensacola
Christian College has designed policies to aid
students in developing their Christian testimony and
in living lives that are above reproach. Therefore,
students at Pensacola Christian College may not
participate in worldly activities such as dancing,
gambling (including the lottery), renting or watching
video movies, movie-going, and card playing, whether
on campus or off campus. Of course, the possession or
use of liquor, nonmedical drugs, or tobacco, or the
use of profanity or obscenity in any form is not
allowed. Under no circumstances will pornography,
premarital or extramarital sex, homosexuality, or
other sex perversions be allowed. Students who
participate in the above activities will be subject to
administrative withdrawal.
It is further expected that students exercise
Christian discretion and restrain in the choice of
entertainment, including, but not limited to, radio,
recordings, and various forms of literature, such as
fleshly magazines and books. Video or board games
that are of the occult, Satanic, or contain graphic
violence or nudity are not permitted.
Pensacola Christian is above all else a Christian
institution in both philosophy and practice. We
firmly believe there is no place at PCC for worldly
practices or divisions so common among other
institutions of higher learning. Pensacola Christian
has the reputation of having a student body with an
excellent spirit with every student treated equally
and fairly regardless of nationality, race, or
background. Therefore, any student who promotes
division or a divisive spirit through symbols,
pictures, writing, flags, banners, slogans or any
divisive activism is out of harmony with the standards
and Christian philosophy of Pensacola Christian and
may be withdrawn or refused reenrollment at the
discretion of the administration.
The College is well aware that observance of
these regulations does not comprise man's total
responsibility to God and hence does not necessarily
indicate that a person is living a life of complete
commitment to Christ. However, the willingness to
adhere to these regulations exhibits maturity and
spiritual concern for

[page 25]
the well-being of others and is generally
characteristic of those diligently seeking to do God's

In a day of moral decay such as America is
experiencing, it is important that the believer take
special care to see that his conduct reflect Biblical
standards. This is especially true in the realm of
dating. To assure that our students conduct
themselves above question with members of the opposite
sex, students must observe the following regulations.

1. Dating Events--Students may date at church
services, certain weekend sports activities, special
College functions such as recitals, Vespers, plays,
and Fine Arts Series, as well as at other specified
Students may arrive at collegian games 15 minutes
before game time and 45 minutes before Eagles games.
Men students may meet women students at the
residence halls before church services, Fine Arts
Series, and Vespers, but not before meals. Couples
may walk back to the residence hall from church
services, meals, Fine Arts Series, and Vespers, but
not from any other evening events.

2. Social Hours begin at 7:30 a.m. Mon. through
Fri., 8:30 a.m. Sat., and 9:25 a.m. Sun., and end
following the evening meal. Students of the opposite
sex are not to be together before social hours except
for approved Christian service activities or
breakfast. Students who eat breakfast before social
hours need to meet and say good-bye at breakfast.
Couples may walk across campus together during social
hours, provided that one member of the couple has
business at the destination. Couples may not walk
together to the Academy.
Couples and mixed groups including dates who are
not students, may be together after social hours
inside the Commons and Sports Center and at approved
sports events, but must meet and part inside that

3. Commons/The Palms Grille--Couples may socialize
in the Commons during the following times.

M-R 7:30 a.m. - 9:45 p.m.
F 7:30 a.m. - 10:15 p.m.
Sa 9:00 a.m. - 10:15 p.m.
Su 12:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
7:15 p.m. - 10:15 p.m.

Couples may also socialize in the Palms Grille
after they have made purchases. Students may study in
the Commons and the Palms Grille during the day and in
the evenings when the Sports Center is open (purchase
necessary in the Palms Grille). Because of crowded
conditions, students may not study in the Commons
after 7 p.m. on Wed. and Sun. Students may not leave
personal belongings in the Commons during chapel.
Items left in the Commons will be taken to Lost and
Found. Students should purchase food from the Palms
Grille rather than bringing food from local
restaurants into the Commons or the Commons Plaza.
Games may be played by dating couples or mixed
groups in the Social Hall rather than the Commons.
Men should wear ties in the Commons on Sundays,
and appropriate behavior and attire is expected at all
times. We ask students not to tilt chairs or place
feet on furniture. For the benefit of all, students
are to place all food items and wrappers in the trash
receptacles as they leave the area.
If a vending machine does not work properly,
please do not shake or bang on the machine, but report
the problem to The Bookstore cashier.
When the Commons closes, women students are to
exit through the northwest doors by the Palms Grill
and men students exit through the northeast doors by
the mailboxes.
Students may reserve the Patio Room and the
Gazebo Room for parties by signing up at least two
days in advance at the Palms Grille.

4. Commons Plaza--Students may be on the Commons
plaza Mon. through Fri. from 7:30 a.m. until 5:45 p.m.
or dusk, whichever comes first. Sat. and Sun.
students may use the plaza (Sat. from 9 a.m. until
5:45 p.m.; Sun. after church until 3 p.m.)

5. Social Hall--Students may take guests to the
Social Hall any time the Social Hall is open. The
stair towers for going to the Social Hall are as
follows: Men--the outside stairs by The Bookstore;
Women--the inside stairs by the Post Office. Women
students are to sign in and out at the Social Hall
desk. Men should wear ties on Sundays.
The Social Hall is closed during Eagles home
basketball games.
Siblings who want to make conference calls home
may use the extension phones in the conference room.

6. Sports Center--Students can enjoy bowling,
racquetball, wallyball, table tennis, miniature golf,
checkers, and ice skating at the Sports Center. There
are also two weight rooms with state-of-the-art
equipment. Chewing gum in the Sports Center is not

[page 26]
Management reserves the right to limit the use of
the Sports Center to anyone at any time. Everyone
participating in all Sports Center activities
(including racquetball and ice skating) does so at his
own risk. Pensacola Christian College does not
provide accident insurance.
PCC Cards are needed for admission to the Sports
Center. If you have out-of-town guests that you want
to visit the Sports Center, they need a visitor's name
tag from the security guard on duty at the Sports
Center. Your guests must accompany you while in the
Sports Center.
Guests must meet the students' dress code to
enter the Sports Center. Guests that do not meet the
dress code and yet who want to see the facility need
to be encouraged to go on the tour of the facility
that regularly meets and leaves at the Information
Students who have their own skates pay the same
fee to skate as others. Those not paying the skating
fee or bowling, racquetball, and wallyball fees will
receive up to 100 demerits.
Men and women must meet and say goodbye inside
the Sports Center. Students should not arrive at the
Sports Center before the building opens.
Women students walk to the Sports Center down the
Main Drive sidewalk between the Dale Horton Auditorium
and CoGeneration Plant. Men students should use the
sidewalk east of the Library and tennis courts.
To reserve a party time, sign up at The Hub.

7. Tennis Courts--Two or more couples or one couple
and two additional girls may use the main tennis
courts on Mon. through Fri. afternoons and Sat. from
12 noon to 5 p.m. Couples must sign up in advance in
the Student Life Office. Students may change into
their recreational attire in the residence halls. Men
should wear long pants when women are present. Court
shoes, not jogging shoes, must be worn on the tennis

8. Dating Reminders--Couples may not loiter at any
place on campus but should visit at the designated
places and times.
Students may not socialize on the benches in
front of the residence halls or other unchaperoned
locations on campus.
Couples are not permitted to be alone in
classrooms or other areas of any building or
Students should not visit with guests of the
opposite sex in the residence hall lobbies but should
go over to the Commons to visit.
There is to be no physical contact between
members of the opposite sex.

9. Off-Campus Dating--Residence hall women may date
off campus when accompanied by an approved chaperone.
High school students (both men and women) are to be
accompanied by an approved chaperone when dating off
campus. The chaperone is considered the guest of the
students and campus dating standards apply. A list of
approved chaperones is available in the Student Life
Office. Questions regarding chaperoning should be
directed to the Associate Dean of Student Life.
Residence hall women may date their student
boyfriend (undergraduate, graduate, or GA) off campus
with his parents as chaperones to University and
Cordova Malls and local restaurants. Parental
permission is needed for women students under 21.
Students who are going off campus in mixed groups
must declare this when obtaining their passes or
scanning out. Any students who meet off campus as
couples or in mixed groups without written permission
and without an authorized chaperone will be
automatically withdrawn from the College. This
includes someone who is not a student.

10. Miscellaneous Dating--Residence hall men may date
town students with written permission from the Dean of
Student Life.
Men 20 years old or juniors may date
faculty/staff members off campus without a chaperone
to local homes and restaurants. They may also date on
campus, as can women students dating faculty/staff, to
the Social Hall, the Palms Grille, at church services,
Fine Arts Series, Vespers, and recitals. Students
must meet and leave their dates at these on-campus
locations. They may also date off campus in the home
of married faculty/staff and other local homes (no
more than once per month in a particular home).
Resident men may date a woman student in her home
provided a parent is present. Campus dating standards

11. Graduate Students/23 and Older Students--Graduate
students may date each other on or off campus without
approved chaperones. Graduate

[page 27]
students may date undergraduates if the undergraduate
students are at least 20 years old or juniors.
Graduate men may date undergraduate women on or off
campus provided an approved chaperone is present.
Graduate women may date undergraduate men off campus
without a chaperone. Graduate students may also date
faculty/staff members on or off campus without
chaperones, provided the faculty/staff member is not
the student's instructor. Students who are 23 years
old and older or who have a bachelor's degree have the
same dating privileges as graduate students.


We do not feel that "clothes make the person."
You will find that our emphasis at Pensacola Christian
College is on the inward quantities of character.
With this in mind, you will not need a large,
expensive wardrobe.

1. Men--Hair should be cut in such a way that it
does not come over the ears, eyebrows, or collar.
Sideburns should be no longer than the middle of the
ear. Styles related to counterculture, such as hair
style or color, clothing, and jewelry, are not
acceptable. Men must be clean shaven--no beards or
mustaches are permitted. Belts should be worn with
pants which have belt loops. Socks should always be

Formal or Semiformal: Tuxedo or dress suit with shirt
and tie/Banquets, Fine Arts Series

Sunday Dress: Coat with matching or complementary
slacks, dress shirt and tie, dress shoes/Church
services, evening meals, Sunday meals, recitals,
Vespers, forums, and seminars

Morning Dress: *Dress slacks, dress shirt, tie, dress
shoes/Morning classes, chapel, and breakfast

Afternoon Dress; Neat, collared shirt (no tie
necessary) and *dress slacks/Afternoon classes, off
campus, Saturday meals, Friday evening meal, sports

Casual Dress: Jeans (no stone-washed denim),
sweatsuits, sweatshirts, T-shirts, tennis shoes/Work,
recreation, designated areas. Corduroy jeans and
jean-style pants made of any fabric are considered
jeans. Men should wear long pants and shirts to and
from the beach. Tennis shoes may not be worn off
campus except when going to the beach. Jean jackets
or stone-washed denim may not be worn.

Sports Center: Casual pants (Dockers, Bugle Boy, etc.)
, nylon jogging suits. We ask that no caps,
Levi's/jeans, denim, sweatpants, sweatshirts, or
spandex be worn. Collared shirts (no writing or
pictures) should be worn. PCC T-shirts and
sweatshirts are appropriate.

Physical Education Classes: Pensacola Christian
College gym trunks and T-shirts (purchased on campus)
and white gym shoes and socks.

*no pegged or patch-pocket pants.

2. Women--Dress and skirt lengths and slits should
come no higher than the top of the kneecap when
sitting and standing. Culottes, split skirts, and
walking shorts should meet the skirt length standard
and be full enough to look more like skirts than
pants. Dress necklines should be modest; no
sundresses or spaghetti straps. Except for
participation in recreational activities and on campus
on Saturdays, our ladies wear hosiery outside the
residence hall. Anything immodest, tight,
formfitting, scant, backless, and low in the neckline
is unacceptable. Shirts with tails should always be
tucked in. Styles relating to counterculture, such as
hair style or color, unusual nail color, clothing, and
jewelry, are not acceptable. No pants or shorts,
please. Young ladies should dress in a manner that
others will focus on the face and particularly the
eyes, for some say, "the eyes are the mirror of the
Although the wearing of multiple earrings has
become common in the world, PCC ladies are asked to
wear a maximum of two sets. These should be worn in
the ear lobes only.

Formal or Semiformal: Formal, semiformal
dresses/Banquets, Fine Arts Series

Sunday Dress: Dresses, skirts and blouses or sweaters,
dress suits/Church services, recitals, Sunday meals,
Vespers forums, and seminars

School Dress: Casual dresses, jumpers, skirts and
blouses or sweaters/Classes, chapel

Casual Dress: Jean skirts, culottes, walking shorts,
split skirts, and tennis shoes/ Work where casual wear
is appropriate, recreational activities. No pants or
shorts are permitted. Jean jackets or stone-washed
denim may not be worn. Swimsuits should be one-piece
and not French-cut.

Sports Center: General activities--Skirts, culottes,
or loose-fitting walking shorts (to the top of the
kneecap). No sweatshirts, sweatpants, jean skirts,
denim, spandex, tank tops, T-shirts, caps, or writing
or pictures (except PCC shirts) on clothing.

Ice skating--Skirts, culottes, loose-fitting walking
shorts (to the top of the kneecap) with optional
opaque tights or spandex tights. Loose-fitting nylon
jogging suits may be worn. Change into skating attire
in the skating area restrooms; change back to general
activity attire before entering the recreation area.

Physical Education Classes: Royal blue culottes or
walking shorts (loose-fitting and to the top of

[page 28]
the kneecap), a royal-blue polo shirt, and white gym
shoes and socks. The shirt, culottes, or walking
shorts may be purchased on campus.

3. All Students
a. Returning to Campus
Students returning to campus following holidays
or the summer must be dressed and have haircuts
according to College standards when they arrive on
campus. Students should dress according to College
standards when leaving for cuts or holidays.
b. Sweatshirts and T-Shirts
Sweatshirts and T-Shirts are acceptable wear for
participation in recreational activities and for work
responsibilities where casual wear is appropriate.
Students should not wear sweatshirts or T-shirts to
classes, to evening meals, in the Commons, as
spectators at athletic events, in the Sports Center,
or off campus. Shirts or jackets with pictures or
words (other than your name) may not be worn outside
the residence halls or in the main lobby of the
residence halls. The exception is official PCC shirts
(including official collegian shirts) which may be
worn any time as afternoon class dress. Men are not
required to wear a tie to morning classes on collegian
meeting days; however, a collared shirt must be worn
with their collegian shirt.
In order to promote an esprit de corps, it is
traditional at most colleges for students not to wear
articles of clothing which have names of high schools,
other colleges, or schools attached. In keeping with
this tradition, Pensacola Christian College students
may not wear jackets, sweaters, or any other articles
of clothing which are identified with other
c. Denim
Chambray and denim-type articles of clothing may
be worn only where casual attire is permitted. They
may not be worn as class dress.
d. Tennis shoes
Tennis shoes are appropriate for casual dress,
P.E., and the Sports Center.
e. Hats
Hats may be worn where casual wear is permitted.
Hats may not be worn backward. Since class dress is
required for spectators at sporting events, hats may
not be worn.

A residence hall student must have completed his
junior year or be 21 years of age and have permission
of the Student Life Office to get married and remain a
student at the College.

[page 29]
Just as every other community must have policies
for the citizens to follow, so PCC has policies for
the overall well being of the PCC campus. Within
those policies or regulations, it is the desire of the
Board of Directors and Administration to have a
"clean," God-honoring student body where the students
can place their heads on their pillows each night with
clean hearts and minds before God. Within this
wholesome atmosphere, the student has the opportunity
to grow spiritually and mature in the Lord, to develop
personal responsibility, to select the right kind of
true friends, to excel academically, and to prepare
for Christian leadership. With these goals in mind,
the PCC policies are reinforced through a demerit
system, which we have found to be a reasonable system.
When a total of fewer than 15 demerits is received,
the demerits are canceled at the end of the semester.
Approximately 33 percent of all students receive fewer
than 15 demerits, which reflects the individual's
growth in self-discipline and personal responsibility.

1. Definition of Terms
a. Student Demerit Record
A student demerit record is a listing of the
number of demerits a student has accumulated. This
total is on the Individual Demerit List. The student
may also request his total at Discipline Committee or
from the Student Life Office.
b. Discipline Committee
The members of the Discipline Committee are
representatives of the Student Life Office and faculty
members who meet to hear the student's information on
a reported violation when the violation is of such a
nature not to jeopardize the student's enrollment in
the College. The student meets before the
representative who assesses the demerits or adjusts
some penalties according to the code listing. The
Discipline Committee is located in AC 411.
c. Student Court
The Student Court is an appeals court for
students desiring an appeal of the Discipline
Committee decision. Student Court meets each Wed.,
Thurs., and Fri. at 4 p.m. in AC 411. The court
includes a student, a faculty representative, and an
administrator from the Student Life Office.
d. Appeals Committee
The Appeals Committee is for a student whose
number of possible demerits would subject him to
dismissal from the College. Committee members will
include those who normally participate in the College
discipline program, as well as those who are not in
its day-by-day function, including a representative of
the student body. This committee is called into being
by the Student Life Office when they become aware that
a student may reach 150 demerits. The student may
appear before the Appeals Committee to present his
case. Once the student presents his information, the
Appeals Committee then must act on the evidence and
inform the student of the consequences of his action.
e. Campused List
A list of campused and socialed students (see #3,
p. 30) is entered into the computer each Friday

2. How the Demerit System Works--When a student
violates College regulations, he is reported to the
Discipline Committee by means of a demerit slip.
Each Fri. afternoon the "check-out" computers in
the residence halls and the DC computer in the Library
will be updated for the current demerits coming
through Discipline Committee. Each student is
responsible to check his DC listing by scanning their
PCC Card each weekend to determine if he must attend
If a student required to attend fails to appear
before the Discipline Committee, he will receive
demerits for being absent from Discipline Committee.
If a student has demerits coming through DC which
he feels are not accurate but which do not

[page 30]
require him to attend DC, the student must attend DC
that same week to appeal those demerits.
Form time to time, a student may feel he has been
wrongfully assessed demerits at the Discipline
Committee. The student may set up an appointment at
the Student Life Office, and if the administrator
determines the student was given demerits unfairly, he
may cancel or reduce the number of demerits. If the
student still feels he has not been dealt with fairly,
he may submit within one week a written explanation of
his case to the Office of Collegian Activities
receptionist to bring before the Student Court. The
Student Court will consider the appeal and make a
final decision.
There are times when the Student Life Office must
deal with a situation immediately rather than allow
the demerit system to run its course. When this
occurs, the student will be called in to give an
explanation for his actions. If the infraction falls
within specified demerit guidelines, these demerits
are assessed. The student again has the option of
appealing to the Deans, and if another appeal is
desired, may appeal in writing to the Dean of Student
Life, who will present the appeal to the Student
Court. If it appears a student is entitled to 150 or
more demerits, an appointment may be set up with the
Appeals Committee whereby the student may personally
appeal and thereby await the Appeals Committee.

3. Disciplinary Action--Whenever students behave
inappropriately with members of the opposite sex, they
are "socialed." For two weeks they may not
communicate with anyone of the opposite sex. The
student signs a form stating he will abide by this
When a student accumulates 50 demerits, a letter
is sent home to his parents, informing them why he has
received those demerits.
When a student accumulates 75 demerits, he is
"campused" for two weeks and may not leave campus
except for work responsibilities. The student is
required to sign a form stating that he will comply by
not going off campus. At 75 demerits, a student may
also be removed from elected offices that he may hold.
At 100 demerits, he is again campused for two
weeks. If a student accumulates 100 demerits for two
consecutive semesters, he is denied reenrollment the
following semester. At 125 demerits, he is campused a
third time for two weeks. Students who receive 150
demerits in a semester will be dismissed from the
College. Students who are dismissed must follow a
withdrawal process conducted by the Student Life
Office. Dismissed students are required to leave
campus within 24 hours.

4. Possible Dismissal--When a student is perceived
by the Administration to have been involved in
disciplinary problems that could result in possible
dismissal, he is placed with a floorleader until the
disciplinary situation has been thoroughly
investigated and resolved and the student is either
allowed to remain on campus as a student or is asked
to leave. Students in this position may not
communicate with persons other than the floorleader
and may not make phone calls, with the exception of
calling parents or legal guardians.

5. Communication with Pastor/Parents--The College
reserves the right, at its discretion, to communicate
with a student's parents and/or pastor on any
situation involving a student.


1-3 Demerits
*Minor residence hall violations (such as failing room
inspection, quiet-hours and lights-out violations,
Failure to follow pass procedure
Failure to follow dining hall procedures
*Improper dress
*Chewing gum in buildings

5 demerits
Failure to answer official call slips or notes
Residence hall violations such as cooking in room,
studying after lights out, failure to pass White
Glove, etc.
Failure to follow ushers' instruction
*Improper off-campus dress/immodest women's dress
Violation of hair code

10 demerits
Absent from required meeting, rehearsal
Horseplay, practical jokes
*Disrespect, bad attitude, or disobedience
Questionable magazines
*Music violations
*Profanity, foul language
Setting off library alarm

*subject to increased demerits for repeated violation

25 demerits
Absent from required activity
Borrowing automobile
Improper use of assigned keys
Off campus without a pass or scanning out

50 demerits
Improper social behavior (plus possible social campus)
Possession or use of fireworks
Plagiarism (plus zero on paper)
In another room after lights out
Malicious horseplay (plus any financial restitution)
Lying, giving false information, or any form of

75-100 demerits
Cheating (plus zero on test or grade)
Unauthorized possession of firearms or weapons
Possession or use of tobacco
Obscene or abusive language or behavior
Attendance at a movie theater or viewing of video/DVD
Possession of and/or viewing of pornographic material
Illegal use of computer software

[page 31]
75-100 demerits
Disruption of a public gathering or function
Discharging a false fire alarm
Tampering with a fire alarm or smoke detector

150 demerits
Forging an official document or falsification of
information on an official document
Couples or mixed groups meeting off campus without
written permission
Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs, or
association with those involved
Cheating on midterm or final exams
Stealing or possession of stolen property, telephone,
or computer fraud
Duplicating keys
Sexual misconduct, immorality (and/or any state of
Visiting in a residence room or motel room of the
opposite sex
Participation in unauthorized petition, newsletter,
demonstration, protest, or riot
Assault or attempted assault
Violence or threat of violence
Involvement with witchcraft, séances, or any other
satanic or demonic activity

Accumulation of 150 demerits will automatically
withdraw a student from the College. The
Administration reserves the right to make any changes
in the discipline procedures as the situation
warrants. The above list is general and not

[page 32]
Pensacola Christian College is dedicated to
excellence in academics and committed to training
young adults for Christian service, regardless of
their chosen vocation. Therefore, it is assumed that
your primary purpose for attending college is to
become well-prepared for life and your chosen
vocation. Naturally, in college a large portion of
your time will be spent in academic pursuits. Since
the Lord has given you the opportunity to attend
college, satisfactory academic achievement is
important not only to please the Lord, but also for
your continuation in college.
The information provided concerning academic life
is to help you understand how the academic program
functions at Pensacola Christian College. Being aware
of the following academic information will help
prevent misunderstandings. Additional academic
information may be found in the current college

Grade reports are issued at midterm and after
semester final examinations. Midterm grades are not
entered on the student's permanent record. The grade
report will include the letter grade you have earned,
the number of credit hours you have completed, the
grade points you have received, your grade point
average for the semester, and your cumulative grade
point average. If you think there is a discrepancy on
your grade report, it is your responsibility to
contact the course instructor through a written letter
addressed to the Registrar.

1. Grade Symbols and Codes--"A" indicates a SUPERIOR
grade. It indicates a high degree of attainment and
reflects independent work, originality, completeness
and accuracy of knowledge, as well as effective use of

"B" indicates GOOD work, which is considered
achievement considerably above the accepted standard.
It involves taking the initiative to produce quality
work, the ability to organize work, and the ability to
comprehend, retain, and apply subject matter.

"C" indicates AVERAGE work. It is the average
grade earned by a student of normal ability who allows
an appropriate amount of time for his studies and who
puts forth consistent effort.

"D" indicates a PASSING grade. It denotes a
limited knowledge of the subject matter, and the work
falls below the acceptable standard in quality or
quantity. However this grade is sufficient to be
counted in the hours for graduation if it is balance
by good or superior work in other courses. Normally,
a "D" grade is not transferable to other colleges.

"F" indicates a FAILING grade. It represents an
inadequate attainment and signifies that the student
is not capable of doing the work or has made little or
no effort to do so.

I-incomplete P-passed
W-withdrew AU-audit
WF-withdrew failing NG-no grade
WU=withdrew auditing CR-credit

2. Grade Point System--Each letter grade a student
earns is worth a numerical value called grade points.
Grade points are assigned according to the following

Grade Grade points
A = 4 per credit hour
B = 3 per credit hour
C = 2 per credit hour
D = 1 per credit hour
F = 0 per credit hour
WF = 0 per credit hour
*I = 0 per credit hour

W, P, AU, NG CR = 0 grade points
(These are not computed in the grade point average)

*When a student completes the work for the course, the
"incomplete" is erased and the student's grace point
average is adjusted accordingly. All "incompletes"
must be made up before the first day of midterms the
following semester.

3. Grade Point Average (GPA)--For graduation a
student must earn a 2.00, "C" grade point average at
Pensacola Christian College. The GPA is simply a
numerical measure of a student's overall academic
achievement. The grade point average is found by
dividing total grade points earned by total credit
hours taken. The procedures on p. 33 are used in
computing the GPA.

[page 33]
When a course is repeated, the highest grade is
calculated into the grade point average.

Procedure for computing GPA
Grade Credit Grade
Course Points Hours Point
No. Grade Earned Attempted Totals
BI 101 A 4 X 2 = 8
EN 101 C 2 X 3 = 6
HI 101 B 3 X 3 = 9
MA 111 B 3 X 3 = 9
PE 101 A 4 X 1 = 4
SP 101 C 2 X 3 = 6
___ ___
15 42
Grade Point Average: 42/ 15 = 2.80

4. Grade Point Deficiency--Students are routinely
informed of a grade point deficiency (grade point
average less than the 2.00 required for graduation).
This information is based on course work taken at
Pensacola Christian College and is not affected by
transfer work.

5. Classification--A student's classification is
determined by the number of credit hours he has
earned, not attempted (including transfer credit).
The number of credit hours needed to attain each
classification is listed in the current college

6. Graduation--Seniors and all other upcoming
graduates bear complete responsibility for having
earned the proper credits and sufficient grade points
for graduation.

7. Academic Honors
a. Semester Scholastic Honors--The Registrar's
office will publish the President's List of those
students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 for
the semester grading period and a Dean's List of those
students who achieve a grade point average of 3.00 or
higher for the semester grading period. A student
must be carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours and must
not have any "Incompletes," "Ds," "Fs," or "WFs" for
that semester in order to qualify for these honors.
b. Graduation Scholastic Honors--To qualify for
academic honors, a student must have earned at least a
3.50 grade point average for his entire academic
record, have completed at least 60 hours at Pensacola
Christian College, and have completed all graduation
requirements for a four-year degree. The scholastic
honors are as follows:
Cum laude--3.50-3.69 grade point average
Magna cum laude--3.70-3.84 grade point average
Summa cum laude--3.85-4.00 grade point average

Each student's academic achievement is recorded
on a permanent record which is kept in the Records
Office. A student who submits a signed request will
receive a copy of his permanent record. The first
transcript or copy of a student's academic record will
be issued without charge. Any additional copies will
be issued at a fee of $5.50 each. The Records Office
will not issue any transcripts of a student's record
for any student whose account is not paid in full.


1. Class Attendance--All students taking a course
are expected to attend all scheduled classes.
Students missing more than a week of scheduled classes
automatically lose one full letter grade; students
missing more than two weeks receive "F" for the course
unless otherwise exempted by the Administration.

2. Because of concentrated semesters and Interterm
break in January, class cuts are not granted.


1. From a Course--To withdraw from a class, a
student must obtain written permission from the
Registrar and submit it to the Records office. For a
student to change his major, he must obtain written
permission from the Registrar and submit it to the
Records Office.
To drop a course without receiving a failing
grade, a student must withdraw from the course by the
end of the first four weeks of the semester. Courses
dropped after this time will show a grade of "WF." A
drop fee will be charged.

2. From the College--After a student has enrolled in
the College, any action that would cause the student
to leave the College before routine completion of the
semester (voluntary or involuntary) will be considered
a withdrawal.
A student whose circumstances force him to
withdraw from college must have a withdrawal form
properly executed by the Student Life Office during
regular office hours. Refunds from a student's PCC
Card will be put on the student's account. PCC Cards
will be collected from the student and destroyed upon
withdrawal. The student should contact AmSouth Bank
for a replacement ATM card.
If the withdrawal is deemed honorable by the
Student Life Office and if all financial obligations
have been met, the student's permanent record will
show an honorable withdrawal and a grade of "W."
Unregistered withdrawals and other dishonorable
withdrawals will show a dishonor-

[page 33]
able withdrawal and a grade of "W." A student who
does not follow proper procedures will be given a
dishonorable withdrawal. Students who become involved
with civil authority or the law in such a manner that
the College deems it reflects upon the College's
Christian testimony will be required to withdraw from
the institution. A student who finds it necessary to
withdraw from the college should consult the current
college catalog for the college policy regarding


1. Originality of Work
a. Cheating--Dishonesty of any kind, including
cheating, is a clear contradiction of Scriptural
principles and will not be tolerated. Any student who
cheats may place his continued college enrollment in
jeopardy and will be dealt with by the Discipline
Any student who cheats on a midterm or final
examination will be dismissed.
b. Plagiarism is academic dishonesty; it is the
failure to give proper credit in the acceptable manner
for the work of another. Any work submitted by a
student in any course is expected to be his own unless
proper credit is given to the source. Any student who
plagiarizes will receive a zero for the work and will
be dealt with by the Discipline Committee.

2. Typing of Papers--The College standard for
appropriate style and form for term papers is found in
Kate Turabian's A Manual for Writers (6th Edition).
Each student should be familiar with the guidelines in
this book and should follow those guidelines when
writing term papers.
Those who type papers for other students are
expected to reproduce copy verbatim. Corrections,
whether grammatical, spelling, or otherwise, should be
done by the author.
Students should not ask office personnel to do
any typing for them.

Students will have use of the computing resources
of Pensacola Christian College. Copyright laws and
licensing agreements govern the computer software used
on these resources.
Under United States copyright laws, no person may
duplicate or distribute a work without the express
permission of the author(s). Commercial software
vendors do not generally grant permission to duplicate
their products; however, there are two categories of
software which do allow copying and distribution of
the product: public domain and "shareware."
Pensacola Christian College stringently obeys
these laws and agreements. Students having access to
PCC computer resources must adhere to general
copyright laws and licensing agreements as well as
this Code of Computer Ethics:

1. It is unlawful for any student to make copies of
computer software that is owned by the College.

2. Any program designated by the author(s) as
"shareware" may be freely copied and distributed
according to the express permission of the author(s).
If a student continues to use a program, he is
expected to register that program with the author(s)
by paying a fee. Students continuing to use
unregistered shareware products may be in violation of
United States copyright law.

3. It is wrong to tamper with someone else's
computer. If you have permission to use another
machine, make sure that you leave everything the way
you found it.

Pensacola Christian College subscribes to this
Code of Computer Ethics and requires that all students
adhere to it completely.


1. Availability to Advise--Faculty will be glad to
help you with any academic problem during their posted
office hours or by special agreement. However, we ask
our students to remember that faculty offices are
private and are designed to be used for business
purposes. Faculty are not available during midterm or
final examinations to discuss grades or help students
study; these matters should be taken care of before
exam week.

2. Appropriate Attitude--Students should exemplify a
Christian spirit of kindness and courtesy in their
dealings with other students and a Biblical respect
for authority in their relationships with faculty and
staff. Insubordinate, rude, or discourteous speech
has no place in the Christian life. Faculty and staff
are to be addressed by their appropriate titles (Dr.,
Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dean). "Brother" and "Sister" are
not considered appropriate college titles. Students
are not permitted to attend faculty/staff social
functions, such as parties, showers, etc., or vice


1. Academic Center--Men and women may be together in
the Academic Center until 5 p.m. if they are going to
or from classes. Couples may be together in the
hallways and mall areas between classes. Out of
courtesy for other students and teachers, students
should not loiter in the corridors during classes.
Students should not sit on the floor in the hallways
or mall areas. The east hallways (near the back
stairs) are nonsocial areas. Therefore, couples and
mixed groups should never

[page 35]
be in those areas. Couples and mixed groups should
not linger in the Field House mall area. Men and
women students may not be together inside the Academic
Center after 5 p.m. or on Saturdays except inside the
classroom for evening classes. Dating couples may not
be together in the computer labs. Students not in
class must sign in and out at the desk in the
second-floor mall area. The Academic Center is closed
on Sundays except for Sunday school.
Women using the Academic Center should use the D
elevators, stairs, and exit area. Men should use the
C elevators, stairs, and exit area. Between classes
the north back stairs may be used by men and the south
back stairs may be used by women. Elevators do not
operate after 5 p.m.
Items may be left on the shelves in the Academic
Center during chapel.
Computers in the typing classrooms are available
for practice purposes by keyboarding and speedwriting
students only.

2. Communicative Arts Center is considered an
unchaperoned area except when students are in a room
for class or going to and from classes. Students may
not loiter anywhere inside the building.
During the day, students using the Communicative
Arts Center may enter and exit through the front
doors, Recital Hall entrance, or the practice studio
entrance. Women may use stair tower 1; men may use
stair tower 2. Stair tower 3 is off limits. Students
using the building after 6 p.m. must enter through the
main entrance and sign in and out at the desk.
All artwork must be completed in the art
classrooms since art materials may not be taken into
the residence halls. Art students may use the
classroom during their regularly scheduled times. Men
and women students are not to be together in any art
classroom after 6 p.m. unless a chaperone is present.
Dating couples may not be together in the computer
labs since they are considered art classrooms. Other
students should not be in the art classrooms.

3. MacKenzie Building is considered an unchaperoned
area except when students are in a room for class or
going to and from classes. Students may not loiter in
the hallways or lobby. Only nursing students should
be in the Nursing Lab.
During the day, students may enter and exit
through the stair tower doors or the first-and
second-floor DHA entrances. Women may use stair tower
A and elevators 1 and 2. Men may use stair-towers B
and C and elevators 3 and 4. Items may be left on the
shelves in the MacKenzie building during chapel.
Students attending class in the Great Hall should
enter and exit through the South entrance. No other
area on the first floor is open to students.
In the evenings and on Sat., students not in
class must sign in and out in the first-floor lobby.
The MacKenzie building is closed on Sun. except for
Sunday school.

4. Library--To ensure a quiet atmosphere, there
should be no loud talking, eating, or socializing.
The Library is considered an unchaperoned area;
therefore, men and women should use separate tables
and may not be together in the Computer Lab. Students
who access the Internet are responsible to view
appropriate material only.

5. Dale Horton Auditorium--Couples must use the
monumental stairs to go to and from the balcony.
Women may use stairways A, B, C, and E; and men may
use stairways D, F, G, and H to exit the balcony.
Women students using the backstage area of the Dale
Horton Auditorium should always use stairway A. Men
students should always use stairway B. Students not
involved in a production or a class are not permitted
Students are required to be seated five minutes
before the beginning of all Fine Arts Series, Vespers,
recitals, or other special performances.

6. Administration Building/Commons/Library--Students
are not permitted to go to the fourth floor of the
Administration Building without permission from the
Information Desk.
Books and other personal items are not to be left
in the Library or Commons during meals, etc.

[page 36]
The Student Handbook has important information
for all students. This section contains policies
which apply to town students only. It will help them
coordinate home, church, work, and college


1. Registration-- Married town students with
off-campus employment may pick up a first-day
registration pass from the second-floor deans'

2. Opening Revival Services--All town students are
required to attend the three nights of revival
services at the beginning of each semester and to scan
in after each service by the elevator and on the south
side of the monumental stairs in the Dale Horton
Auditorium or by the elevator on the arena level of
the Sports Center.

The hub of spiritual life at the College is
Campus Church. The following are guidelines regarding
church attendance.

1. Town students are required to attend Sunday
school, Sun. morning and evening services, and Wed.
evening services.

2. Students who have moved to the area to attend
college are not considered permanent residents and are
therefore expected to attend all Sun. and Wed.
services at Campus Church.

3. All town students must fill out a church
attendance report at the Information Desk after the
last church service of each month. There will also be
a special attendance report to be filled out for the
first week of each semester.

4. Students who attend local churches may not
participate in so-called Christian rock groups or

The majority of our town students are employed by
various local employers. Periodically, job
opportunities available to town students or their
spouses are posted on the Academic Center bulletin
board. When securing employment, please keep the
following things in mind:

1. Students need to plan their work schedules ahead
of time if at all possible. Please keep in mind that
you need to attend certain required college functions
(see attendance requirements).

2. Students may not work on Sunday and may not work
in any establishment where they must handle alcoholic
beverages. Women may not accept positions which
require them to wear slacks.

3. Students must have their off-campus jobs approved
by the Student Life Office.

Students who miss activities because of illness
must call in each day of the absence--men, ext. 2050;
women, ext. 2500. On the weekend, the student should
notify the Information Desk. If a student is too ill
to attend classes, we consider that he is also too ill
to work and vice versa.


1. Classes--All students taking a course, regardless
of classification, are expected to attend all
scheduled classes. Classes missed the day before
and/or after holidays are counted as double absences.
Students missing more than a week of scheduled classes
automatically lose one full letter grade; students
missing more than two weeks receive "F" for the course
unless otherwise exempted by the Administration.

2. Chapel--All students are required to attend
chapel every Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. For town
students to miss chapel, they must not have classes
before 12 noon and must not be on campus before that
time. Excused absences from chapel must be approved
in advance by the Student Life Office.
During final exam week, town students are
required to attend chapel if they will be on campus
before 12 noon on that particular day. If they will
not be on campus before 12 noon and

[page 37]
wish to be excused from chapel, they must get this
approved through the Student Life Office (second

3. Collegian Meetings--Town students taking nine
hours or more are to attend collegian meetings at 10
a.m. On those Wednesdays stated in the Activities
Calendar. Town students who do not have classes
before 12 noon on Wed. and will not be on campus
before that time may be absent from collegian meetings
if they obtain prior approval from the Student Life
Students who are married or at least twenty-three
years old are excused from Wed. morning collegian
meetings. Students excused under this provision must
leave campus or go to the Library or Administration
Building during collegian meeting.

4. Class Meetings--All students taking nine hours or
more are required to attend class meetings according
to their classification. Town students who do not
have a class before 12 noon on Wed. and will not be on
campus before that time may be absent from class
meetings if they obtain prior approval from the
Student Life Office. Graduating seniors are required
to attend all class meetings during their final

5. Student Body--All students taking nine hours or
more are required to attend Student Body as scheduled
in the Activities Calendar. Town students who do not
have classes before 12 noon on Wed. and will not be on
campus before that time may be absent from Student
Body if they obtain approval in advance from the
Student Life Office.

6. Fine Arts Series/Vespers--Students taking 12
hours or more are required to attend the Fine Arts
Series and Vespers programs as listed in the
Activities Calendar. Students who live more than 20
miles from the College are only required to attend on
Fine Arts Series program and one Vespers per semester.
Turn in a note to the Student Life Office
receptionist by September 15/February 1 indicating
which performances you will attend.
Students taking 11 hours or fewer may purchase
season tickets for $30 per person. The same price
would apply to the spouse and children of town
students Town students may bring children who are in
the seventh grade or above, but younger children will
not be admitted.
Students who are required to attend should turn
in an attendance card.

7. Recitals--All music, music education, speech, and
speech education majors and minors are required to
attend senior music/speech recitals. Other students
taking a speech or music course are required to attend
senior recitals as directed by their instructors
unless they live more than 20 miles from the campus.
In this case, they are required to attend only one
senior recital per semester. Faculty recitals are

8. Missions Conference--Students taking 12 hours or
more are required to attend each Missions Conference
service. Students should bring their PCC Cards to
scan in after each service in the auditorium lobby.

9. Bible Conference--Students taking 12 hours or
more are required to attend all Bible Conference
services during the spring semester. On Wed., there
are two services. On Thurs. and Fri., there are five
services. Students taking fewer than 12 hours must
attend two Bible Conference services per day.
Students should bring their PCC cards to scan in after
each service in the auditorium lobby.

10. Commencement Week--Students taking 12 hours or
more are required to attend Commencement Week
activities and should scan in for attendance.

Married town students and their families may use
the college recreational facilities during regularly
scheduled times that students and faculty/staff use

1. Swim Center--Single town students and married
town students and their spouses may use the Swim
Center at the times it is open for undergraduate
students. (See college calendar for scheduled times.)
Children (through sixth grade) of married students
may swim at either the men's or women's staff times
(listed below). Children must be accompanied by a
parent. Boys in grades 7-12 may swim with their
fathers during the men's staff time. Girls in grades
7-12 may swim with their mothers during the women's
staff time.

Staff Men Staff Women
M, F 5:45 - 6:30 p.m. T, R 5:45 - 6:30 p.m.
Sa 11:00 - 12:00 noon Sa 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Women and girls should wear one-piece swimsuits;
French-cut swimsuits are not permitted. Men and boys
should wear boxer-style swimsuits; brief-style
swimsuits are not permitted. Those who do not meet
this standard will be asked to leave the pool area.

2. West Campus is open each Sat. in the fall through
the Sat. after Thanksgiving and opens in the spring on
the first Sat. of March. In the event of bad weather
at West Campus during the open season, there will be a
sign at the Welcome Center of the main campus
indicating that West Campus is closed.
Married town students and their families may use
the West Campus sailing equipment on Saturdays

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from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Caution should be
exercised with younger children on days when the water
is choppy.

3. Sports Center--Married town students with
children attend during faculty/staff times.
Younger married towns students without their
children may come during the student times or during
faculty/staff times.
The spouse of a married town student may use the
Sports Center only during faculty/staff times. He/she
will be admitted by the spouse's PCC Card.
Food and beverages are not to be brought into the
Sports Center.
If your child comes to the Sports Center during
the above times, he must come with you and stay with

Sports Center Faculty Hours
M, T, R 5:15 - 7:30 p.m.
Sa 3:30 - 5:45 p.m.

Sports Center Student Hours
M, T, R 7:45 - 10:00 p.m.
R only 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
F 12:30 - 3:15 p.m.
6:15 - 10:15 p.m.

4. Collegian Games-- Spouses should attend dating
games only.


1. Residence Halls--Town students who visit the
residence halls should sign in and out at the
residence hall desk. Those visiting female students
must show their PCC Card and be escorted to and from
the room where they are visiting. Students may not
enter a residence hall room unless a student who lives
in that room is present.
Town students may not keep in their homes
boyfriends or girlfriends of residence hall students.
Any town student who encourages a residence hall
student to break college regulations is subject to

2. Cellular phones and Beepers--Cellular telephones
must remain in the student's automobile. Beepers may
not be brought to campus.

3. Women students may not wear slacks or shorts on
campus, off campus in public, or in the presence of
other students.

4. Beaches--For your safety we recommend that
students swim in the sound rather than the gulf.
Single women should go to the Ft. Pickens Beach and
single men to the open beach area between Pensacola
Beach and Navarre.

5. Local Housing--We advise that students who change
housing locations check with the Dean of Student Life
before renting locally. Some housing locations are
not approved by the College.

6. Meals
a. Town students may purchase a semester lunch
pass from the Business Office for $189. This ticket
could be used for the noon meal each day that College
is in session (Mon.-Fri.). Eating in Varsity or Four
Winds without purchasing a lunch pass or meal ticket
is considered stealing and will be dealt with
b. Town students who choose to bring their lunch
from home may eat at the Commons; however, please do
not bring food purchased at local restaurants.

7. Student Spouses are encouraged to use the College
Library. Spouses may check out books with your PCC
Card or they may get a temporary library card at the
cost of $.50 from the Circulation Desk.
The spouses of PCC students, although not
enrolled in the College, are expected to maintain the
same standards as our students. If a spouse does not
maintain our standards, ten the student's enrollment
will be jeopardized. The student may be asked to
withdraw or enrollment may be denied for the following

8. Dating Locations--For testimony's sake, students
should never go to the beach as couples, be at a park
after dark, or visit in the home of unmarried members
of the opposite sex.

9. Sunday Shopping--Sunday is considered by the Lord's
people as a day of rest. Shopping for groceries,
etc., should be handled on another day.

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Frank Garlock Frank and Flora Jean Garlock

Searching for wisdom, striving for truth,
Yielding to God the strength of our youth,
Seeking for knowledge, standing for the right-
Looking to Jesus, walking in His light.

Saved by His mercy, kept by His grace,
Seeking his perfect will to embrace;
Led by His spirit, called by His great name,
Knowing that Jesus, ever is the same.

Praising the Savior, lifting our voice,
Held by His love, our hearts shall rejoice.
Blessing and honor to the Lord belong;
His praise shall be the beauty of our song.

Strength comes form God, in Him will we trust;
Truth is His word, eternal and just;
Beauty declares the goodness of the Lord:
He is exalted, worshipped, and adored.

Give us the strength to follow Thy Word;
Help us to use the truth we have heard.
Grand us Thy wisdom, beauty now to see-
Then shall our hearts be centered, Lord, in Thee.

[page 40]
March Tempo D. Shaffer
Words and Music

We're gonna fight for the Eagles:
We're gonna fight for P.C.C.
We're gonna cheer for the Eagles;
The Blue and white will win, you'll see!
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Fly with the Eagles;
We're gonna fly to victory.
Fight, Fight, you Eagles with all your might
And we'll get this victory.

Fight you Eagles, Fight you mighty men.
Fight you Eagles, Fight and you will win.

[back cover]